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Equinix, Inc

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Equinix, Inc
One Lagoon Drive
94065 Redwood City
California, USA

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Data Center Relation Address City Country
Equinix Sydney Owner Mascot Australia
Equinix SO1 Owner Sofia Bulgaria
Equinix CL1 Owner 315 - 8th Avenue SW Calgary Canada
Equinix CL2 Owner 1930 Maynard Rd. SE Caglary Canada
Equinix CL3 Owner 5300 86th Avenue SE Calgary Canada
Equinix KA1 Owner 1460 Bunker Road Kamloops Canada
Equinix TR1 Owner 151 Front St. W. Toronto Canada
Equinix TR4 Owner 100 Wellington Street West Toronto Canada
Equinix TR7 Owner 1895 Williams Parkway East Brampton Canada
Equinix HE1 Owner Hiomotie 32 Helsinki Finland
Equinix HE2 Owner Kanavaranta 5 Helsinki Finland
Equinix HE3 Owner Parrukatu 2 Helsinki Finland
Equinix HE4 Owner Myllynkivenkuja 4b Vantaa Finland
Equinix HE5 Owner Sahamyllyntie 4b Helsinki Finland
Equinix HE6 Owner Sinimaentie 12 Espoo Finland
Equinix HE7 Owner Sinimäentie 8 Espoo Finland
Equinix PA5 Owner 45 Avenue Victor Hugo Aubervilliers Cedex France
Equinix PA6 Owner 10 rue Waldeck Rochet, Paris France
Equinix PA7 Owner 9 Energy Park , 130-136 boulevard de Verdun Paris France
Equinix Paris (Roissy) Owner Paris France
Equinix Paris (Saint-Denis) Owner Saint-Denis France
Equinix Düsseldorf Owner Düsseldorf Germany
Equinix FR5 Owner Kleyerstrasse 88 Frankfurt Germany
Equinix FR7 Owner Gutleutstrasse 310 Frankfurt Germany
Equinix Frankfurt City Owner Frankfurt Germany
Equinix Frankfurt North Owner Frankfurt Germany
Equinix Münich #1 Owner München Germany
Equinix Münich #2 Owner München Germany
Equinix Hong Kong Owner Hong Kong Hong Kong
Equinix DB1 Owner Kingswood Road, Unit 4027 Dublin Ireland
Equinix DB2 Owner Kilcarbery Business Park, Nangor Road Dublin Ireland
Equinix DB3 Owner NorthWest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15 Dublin Ireland
Equinix DB4 Owner Dublin Ireland
Equinix ML2 Owner Via Savona 125 Milan Italy
Equinix ML3 Owner Via Francesco Sforza 13 Basiglio Milan Italy
Equinix ML4 Owner Via Cascia 5 Milano Italy
Equinix Tokyo Owner Tokyo Japan
Equinix WA1 (LIM) Owner Warsaw Poland
Equinix WA2 Owner Poleczki 23 street Warsaw Poland
Equinix Singapore Owner Singapore Singapore
Equinix SK2 Owner Kvastvagen 25 Skondal Sweden
Equinix SK3 Owner Finspangsgatan 48 Spanga Sweden
Equinix Stockholm Owner Mariehällsvägen 36 Bromma Sweden
Equinix Geneva Owner Geneva Switzerland
Equinix GV2 Owner Genève Le Lignon Switzerland
Equinix Zürich #1 Owner Zürich Switzerland
Equinix Zürich #2 Owner Zürich Switzerland
Equinix Zürich #3 Owner Zürich Switzerland
Equinix AM1 Owner Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM2 Owner Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM3 Owner Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM7 Owner Kuiperbergweg 13 Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix AM8 Owner Gyroscoopweg 2E & 2F Amsterdam The Netherlands
Equinix Enschede Owner Enschede The Netherlands
Equinix Zwolle Owner Zwolle The Netherlands
Equinix Heathrow Owner PO Box 485 West Drayton United Kingdom
Equinix LD8 (Docklands) Owner 6-9 Harbour Exchange London United Kingdom
Equinix LD9 Owner Unit 1, Volt Avenue London United Kingdom
Equinix London City Owner PO Box 36453 London United Kingdom
Equinix Park Royal Owner PO Box 61451 London United Kingdom
Equinix MA1 Owner Lloyd Street North, Kilburn House/Williams House Manchester United Kingdom
Equinix LD4 Slough Owner PO Box 3767 Slough United Kingdom
Equinix LD5 Slough Owner Slough United Kingdom
Equinix DC1 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC10 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC11 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC2 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC3 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC4 Owner Ashburn USA
Equinix DC6 Owner Ashburn USA
56 Marietta, Atlanta Tenant 56 Marietta Street Atlanta USA
Equinix AT1 Owner Atlanta USA
Equinix AT2 Owner Atlanta USA
Equinix AT3 Owner Atlanta USA
Equinix BO1 Owner 74 West Street Waltham USA
CoreSite Chicago (CH1) Tenant 427 South LaSalle Chicago USA
Equinix CH1 Owner Chicago USA
Equinix CH2 Owner Chicago USA
Equinix CH3 Owner Elk Grove Village USA
Equinix CH4 Owner Chicago USA
BlueBridge Networks Tenant 1255 Euclid Ave, Fifth Floor Cleveland USA
Equinix DA1 Owner Dallas USA
Equinix DA2 Owner Dallas USA
Equinix DA3 Owner Dallas USA
Equinix DA4 Owner Dallas USA
Equinix DE1 Owner 9706 E. Easter Avenue, Suite 160 Englewood USA
Equinix El Segundo Owner El Segundo USA
Equinix NY7 Owner 5851 Westside Avenue North Bergen USA
Equinix LA1 Owner 600 West 7th Street Los Angeles USA
Equinix Los Angeles Owner Los Angeles USA
Equinix Los Angeles #2 Owner Los Angeles USA
Equinix MI2 Owner 36 Northeast Second Street Miami USA
Equinix NY8 Owner 60 Hudson Street, Suite 1602 New York USA
Equinix NY9 Owner 111 8th Avenue New York USA
Equinix Newark Owner Newark USA
Equinix SV8 Owner 529 Bryant St Palo Alto USA
Equinix PH1 Owner 401 North Broad Street, Suite 990 Philadelphia USA
Equinix San Jose (North) Owner San Jose USA
Equinix San Jose (South) Owner San Jose USA
Equinix Santa Clara Owner Santa Clara USA
Equinix Sunnyvale Owner Sunnyvale USA
Equinix SV6 Owner 444 Toyama Drive Sunnyvale USA
Equinix SE2 Owner 2001 Sixth Ave Suite 1202 Seattle USA
Equinix NY4 Owner 755 Secaucus Road Secaucus USA
Equinix Secaucus #1 Owner Secaucus USA
Equinix Secaucus #2 Owner Secaucus USA
Equinix Secaucus #3 Owner Secaucus USA
Equinix DC7 Owner Vienna USA
Equinix DC8 Owner Vienna USA
Equinix DC5 Owner Washington D.C. USA

Total: 110 data centers, of which Equinix, Inc owns 107 and is a tenant in the remaining 3.
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