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Terms of use

Below you will find our terms of service.

Any dispute regarding Data Center Map or its services are resolved under Danish law and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Denmark. The legal entity operating, is the Danish company Data Center Map ApS (reg. no.: DK34890056). The company is incorporated at Egtvedvej 105, 6040 Egtved, Denmark.

§1 Site Terms

The following terms and conditions govern your usage of our Data Center Map and our services, and by using the website you accept the terms in full. In case you are unable to accept the terms, do not use the website.

§1.2 Changes
The terms can be updated, so we recommend that you check this page regularly to ensure that you are familiar with the terms under which you are using the site. Your continued use of Data Center Map will be deemed acceptance of the updates terms of use, so in case you do not agree with the changes you should cease using Data Center Map.

§1.3 Usage
You are allowed to view and print any part of the website, downloading of parts of the website is only allowed in case of need to view it offline. You are only allowed to use Data Center Map for lawful purposes and in ways that do not cause damage to the website, its availability or accessibility.

§1.4 Data rights
Copying data manually or automatically from Data Center Map for re-use on another website, in another database or in any other way is prohibited. It is prohibited to do any kind of systematic or automated data collection on Data Center Map (including, but not limited to, data mining, harvesting and ripping). We reserve all rights for data added to Data Center Map, including but not limited to selling and sharing it.

If you are using any of our export tools, you are only allowed to use the exported data internally in your organization. You are not allowed to redistribute them to third parties, neither directly or indirectly as part of another product/service, without explicit written consent from Data Center Map.

§1.5 Limitations of liability
Even though we do our best to ensure that all our information is correct we can not guarantee the correctness of any of the information found on our website or provided through our services, and can therefore not give any warranties or be hold liable in case of false information. Furthermore we can not be hold liable for any damage caused by information/code on our website as well as the websites or companies we refer to.

§1.6 Your privacy
We will do our best to prevent the loss, misuse or alternation of your personal information submitted to the site, including your e-mail address and password, but can not be held responsible in case anything should happen.

Your name, company name and e-mail address will not be publicly available and will not be sold to any third party, but in case you use our services such as quote requests and contact forms the recipients will receive your relevant contact details as they are needed to handle your request.

The website uses cookies and cannot be used without these. Cookies are used for example to store your log in details for automatic log in, as well as tracking for ads with external partners such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.

§1.7 Law and jurisdiction
Any dispute regarding Data Center Map or its services are resolved under Danish law and subject to exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Denmark. The legal entity operating, is the Danish company Data Center Map ApS (reg. no.: DK34890056).

§1.8 Additional terms
Be aware that additional terms apply to using specific parts of the website, for example our quote service, which you will be made aware of when using these services.

§2 Premium Membership Terms

§2.2 Listings
Premium memberships are billed according to the number of listings the provider has with Data Center Map. Each data center profile, building profile and cloud server location, count as one listing. Tenant presence in other colocation providers data centers, count as half a listing. The price per listing depends on the total number of listings, a detailed specification will always be available to the provider by logging in to our control panel and going to our premium page.

§2.3 Billing period
All premium memberships are billed on an annual basis.
Renewal of memberships is billed upfront once a year, when the previous years membership expires, with a fee based on the number of listings that the provider has upon the time of renewal.

§2.4 Cancellation
A premium membership can be cancelled at any point, but it is non-refundable and binding for any year that have already been invoiced. To avoid being invoiced for renewal, it therefore has to be cancelled at least 5 business days prior to renewal date.

§3 Payment Terms

§3.2 Delivery
Unless anything else is specified for the ordered service, all services are delivered electronically. Therefore there is no delivery costs. Likewise, unless anything else is specified, all services are non-refundable.

§3.3 Payment method
If nothing else is agreed prior to invoicing, payment must be made via credit card. If wire transfer or check payment is the only options available, please contact us in advance for custom arrangements. Please be aware that we reserve the right to charge a 45 USD fee, on each invoice that is paid via check or wire transfer.

For alternate payment methods, we do reserve the right to charge an administrative invoicing fee.

§3.4 Credit card payment
Credit card payment is available via VISA and MasterCard only, there is no support for JCB or AMEX. Any credit card transaction fees will be covered by the customer.
All payments will be processed by an external, PCI certified payment services provider and your complete card details will never pass through or reside on our own servers.

For customers with recurring billing, our payment services provider will store your card details in order for us to charge your recurring balance. For individual purchases, no card details will be stored by the payment services provider.
Stored credit card details can be deleted or changed at any point, please contact us for further instructions.

§3.5 Invoicing
All invoices are sent electronically, in PDF format, via e-mail. It is the customers responsibility to make sure that we have an up-to-date and valid e-mail address for billing purposes.

Companies and consumers from within the European Union that have not provided a valid VAT number, or are located in Denmark, will be applied 25% VAT/sales tax on their invoices.

§3.6 Overdue payments
If payment has not been received within 30 days of invoicing, the invoice will be considered overdue. For overdue payments, we reserve the right to apply a late fee of 45 USD for each reminder we have to send. Furthermore we reserve the right to charge interest for the overdue amount. There will be a minimum of 10 days between each reminder with a late fee applied and we will apply a maximum of three late fees.

Apart from applying late fees and interest, we also reserve the right to deactivate any listing(s) that the company has with Data Center Map if payment has not been received 30 days after the first reminder. For reactivation after such a deactivation, we reserve the right to charge a 100 USD reactivation fee.