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Stackscale’s data network is spaciously oversized, redundant at all levels and without bottlenecks. Multi-100 G CORE network. Interconnected to some of the largest European Internet Exchange Points. State-of-the-art, bottleneck-free network. Over 4 Tbps of aggregated capacity.
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Stackscale’s data network

Aggregation multi-chassis links form the skeleton of the network within the data center. They provide redundancy and scalability while preventing the formation of loops.

Each data center has a pair of border routers that facilitate the connection to the Internet and other centers. Behind them there are Layer 3 aggregation switches, layer 2 switches and, finally, access switches to which the compute nodes connect.

All logical switches are in pairs to achieve redundancy. These switches connect to all of the devices over the aggregated multi-chassis links, consisting of 2 or more 10 G, 40 G or 100 G connections. This topology prevents the risk of formation of layer 2 loops.

All networking equipment is wire speed, meaning they reach 100% bandwidth capacity of the interfaces, regardless of the circumstances, filters and type of traffic. This is achieved through the use of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs).

Stackscale is registered with presence in 18 data centers.
See the data centers with network presence on the map below.