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On the map below you can see an overview of internet exchange points (IXPs) around the world, zoom in and click on a city marker to see the internet exchange points available in the city.

All the internet exchange points from the map above are also listed in the table below, that you can sort by clicking on the headlines of the table. Further information about each IXP is available by clicking its name.

IXP list

IXP Area Country Locations
ANIX - Albanian Neutral Internet Exchange Tirana Albania N/A
ANG-IXP - Angola Internet Exchange Point Luanda Angola N/A
NAP-Cabase - Network Access Point Cabase Buenos Aires Argentina N/A
SA-IX - South Australia Internet Exchange Adelaide Australia N/A
QLD-IX - Queensland Internet Exchange Brisbane Australia N/A
ACT-IX - ACT Internet Exchange Canberra Australia N/A
ACT-IX - Australian Capital Territory Internet Exchange Canberra Australia N/A
AUSIX - GlobalCenter AUSIX Melbourne Australia N/A
VIC-IX - Victoria Internet Exchange Melbourne Australia N/A
WA-IX - Western Australia Internet Exchange Perth Australia N/A
WAIX - Western Australian Internet Exchange Perth Australia N/A
EQIX-SYD - Equinix Exchange Sydney Sydney Australia 1
NSW-IX - New South Wales Internet Exchange Sydney Australia N/A
SAIX - Salzburg Internet eXchange Salzburg Austria 1
VIX - Vienna Internet eXchange Vienna Austria 1
GIX-BH - Gateway Gulf Internet Exchange Manama Bahrain N/A
BDIX - Bangladesh Internet Exchange Dhaka Bangladesh N/A
BNIX - Belgian National Internet eXchange Brussels Belgium 2
FreeBIX - Free Belgian Internet Exchange Brussels Belgium 3
PIT-BOLIVIA - Punto de Intercambio de Tráfico - Bolivia La Paz Bolivia N/A
PTT-AME - PTT Americana Americana Brazil N/A
PTT-BEL - PTT Belem Belem Brazil N/A
PTT-MG - PTT Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Brazil N/A
FIX - Ponto Federal de Interconexão de Redes Brasilia Brazil N/A
PTT-DF - PTT Brasilia Brasilia Brazil N/A
PTT-CPV - PTT Campina Grande Campina Grande Brazil N/A
PTT-CAS - PTT Campinas Campinas Brazil N/A
PTT-CXJ - PTT Caxias Do Sul Caxias Do Sul Brazil N/A
PTT-PR - PTT Curitiba Curitiba Brazil N/A
PTT-SC - PTT Florianopolis Florianopolis Brazil N/A
PTT-CE - PTT Fortaleza Fortaleza Brazil N/A
PTT-GYN - PTT Goiania Goiania Brazil N/A
PTT-LDA - PTT Londrina Londrina Brazil N/A
PTT-MAO - PTT Manaus Manaus Brazil N/A
PTT-NAT - PTT Natal Natal Brazil N/A
PTT-RS - PTT Porto Alegre Porto Alegre Brazil N/A
PTT-PE - PTT Recife Recife Brazil N/A
PTT-RJ - PTT Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil N/A
PTT-BA - PTT Salvador Salvador Brazil N/A
PTT-SJP - PTT Sao Jose do Rio Preto Sao Jose do Rio Preto Brazil N/A
PTT-SJC - PTT Sao Jose dos Campos Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil N/A
PTT-SP - PTT Sao Paulo Sao Paulo Brazil N/A
PTT-VIX - PTT Vitoria Vitoria Brazil N/A
NetIX-KAN - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, KA Kapitan Andreevo Bulgaria N/A
NetIX-RUS - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Ruse Ruse Bulgaria 1
NetIX-SOF - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Sofia Sofia Bulgaria 4
HTN-CIX - Cambodia Internet Exchange Phnom Penh Cambodia N/A
QIX - Montreal Interent Exchange Montreal Canada 2
OttIX - Ottawa Internet eXchange Ottawa Canada N/A
TORIX - The Toronto Internet Exchange Toronto Canada 1
VANIX - Vancouver Internet Exchange Vancouver Canada 2
WPGIX - Winnipeg Internet Exchange Winnipeg Canada N/A
NAP-CL - Network Access Point Chile Santiago Chile N/A
PIT-Chile - PIT Chile Interconectando Chile Santiago Chile N/A
CHN-IX - China Internet Exchange Beijing China N/A
EQIX-HKG - Equinix Exchange Hong Kong Hong Kong China 1
HKIX - Hong Kong Internet eXchange Hong Kong China N/A
NAP-CO - Network Access Point Colombia Bogota Colombia N/A
CIX - Croatian Internet eXchange Zagreb Croatia N/A
NIX-CZ - Neutral Internet eXchange Prague Czech Republic 3
DIX - Danish Internet Exchange Copenhagen Denmark 1
KINIX - Kinshasa Internet Exchange Point Kinshasa DR Congo N/A
NAP-EC - NAP Ecuador Quito Ecuador N/A
CAIX - Cairo Internet Exchange Cairo Egypt N/A
TIX-ES - Tallinn Internet eXchange Tallinn Estonia N/A
FICIX - Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange Helsinki Finland N/A
TREX - Tampere Region Exchange Tampere Finland N/A
GrenoblIX - Grenoble Internet eXchange Grenoble France 1
Lyonix - Lyon Internet Exchange Lyon France N/A
OuestIX - Ouest Internet Exchange Nantes France N/A
NicIX - Nice Internet eXchange Nice France N/A
EQIX-PAR - Equinix Exchange Paris Paris France 2
France-IX - France IX Services Paris France 7
NetIX-PAR - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Paris Paris France 1
POUIX - Paris Operators for Universal Internet eXchange Paris France 3
SFINX - Service for French INternet eXchange Paris France 2
SaintetIX - Saint-Etienne Internet eXchange Saint-Etienne France 1
EuroGIX - Strasbourg Internet eXchange Strasbourg France 1
ADN-IX - Ardèche Drôme Valence France N/A
BCIX - Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange Berlin Germany 3
ECIX-BER - European Commercial Internet Exchange Berlin Berlin Germany 4
ECIX-DUS - European Commercial Internet Exchange Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Germany 1
OCIX - OpenCarrier Düsseldorf Düsseldorf Germany 4
DE-CIX - Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Frankfurt Germany 9
KleyReX - Kleyer-Rebstöcker-EXchange Frankfurt Germany 14
NetIX-FRA - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany 1
ECIX-HAM - European Commercial Internet Exchange Hamburg Hamburg Germany 2
INXS - INXS MUC Munich Germany 1
N-IX - Nuremberg Internet Exchange Nuremberg Germany 3
GR-IX - Greek Internet Exchange Athens Greece N/A
BIX - Budapest Internet Exchange Budapest Hungary 3
RIX - Reykjavik Internet Exchange Reykjavik Iceland N/A
NIXI - National Internet Exchange of India Hyderabad India N/A
Mumbai-IX - Mumbai Internet Exchange Mumbai India 4
IIX-ID - Indonesia Internet Exchange Jakarta Indonesia N/A
OD-IX - Omadata Internet Exchange Surabaya Indonesia 1
INEX - Internet Neutral Exchange Dublin Ireland 2
IIX-IL - Israeli Internet eXchange Tel Aviv Israel N/A
TIX-IT - Tuscany Internet eXchange Florence Italy N/A
MINAP - Milan Neutral Access Point Milan Italy 5
MIX-IT - Milan Internet eXchange Milan Italy 2
NaMeX - Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange Rome Italy N/A
TOP-IX - TOrino Piemonte Internet eXchange Torino Italy N/A
Ryukyu-IX - Ryukyus Internet Exchange Okinawa Japan N/A
JPNAP-OSA - Japan Network Access Point Osaka Osaka Japan N/A
EQIX-TYO - Equinix Exchange Tokyo Tokyo Japan 1
JPIX - Japan Internet Exchange Tokyo Japan 1
JPNAP-TYO1 - Japan Network Access Point Tokyo I Tokyo Japan N/A
JPNAP-TYO2 - Japan Network Access Point Tokyo II Tokyo Japan N/A
KIXP - The Kenya Internet Exchange Point Nairobi Kenya N/A
A-IX - Advanced Internet Exchange Beirut Lebanon N/A
BALT-IX - Baltic Internet Exchange Vilnius Lithuania N/A
LU-CIX - Luxembourg Commercial Internet exchange Point Luxembourg Luxembourg N/A
NetIX-SKO - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Skopje Skopje Macedonia 1
MyIX - Malaysia Internet Exchange Selangor Malaysia 1
MIX-MA - Malta Internet Exchange Msida Malta N/A
MIXP - Mauritius Internet Exchange Point Ebene City Mauritius N/A
MIE - Mexico Internet Exchange Tijuana Mexico N/A
Moz-ix - Mozambique Internet Exchange Maputo Mozambique N/A
NPIX - Nepal Internet Exchange Kathmandu Nepal N/A
CAR-IX - Caribbean Internet Exchange Curacao Netherlands Antilles N/A
APE - Auckland Peering Exchange Auckland New Zealand N/A
WIX-NZ - Wellington Internet Exchange Wellington New Zealand N/A
IXPN - Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria Lagos Nigeria N/A
WAF-IX - West Africa Internet Exchange Lagos Nigeria N/A
FIXO - Free Internet eXchange Oslo Oslo Norway 2
NIX - Norwegian Internet Exchange Oslo Norway N/A
NAP-Peru - NAP.Perú Lima Peru N/A
PHOpenIX - Philippine Open Internet Exchange Makati City Philippines N/A
PHNET-CORE - The PHNET Common Routing Exchange Quezon City Philippines N/A
NetIX-WAR - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Warsav Warsaw Poland 1
PLIX - Polish Internet eXchange Warsaw Poland N/A
Thinx - Thinx Poland Warsaw Poland N/A
WIX-PL - Warsaw Internet eXchang Warsaw Poland N/A
GigaPix - Gigabit Portuguese Internet eXchange Lisbon Portugal 1
IX-PR - The Internet Exchange of Puerto Rico San Juan Puerto Rico N/A
Balcan-IX - Balcan Internet Exchange Bucharest Romania N/A
BUHIX - Internet Bucharest Exchange Bucharest Romania N/A
InterLAN - InterLAN Internet Exchange Bucharest Romania N/A
NetIX-BUC - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Bucharest Bucharest Romania 1
RoNIX - Romanian Internet Exchange Bucharest Romania N/A
TomIX - Tomis Internet Exchange Constanta Romania N/A
RED-IX - Red Internet Exchange Krasnoyarsk Russia N/A
Eurasia - Eurasia:peering Moscow Russia N/A
MSK-IX - Moscow Internet Exchange Moscow Russia 2
SPB-IX - St. Petersburg Internet Exchange Saint Petersburg Russia N/A
NetIX-BEL - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Belgrade Belgrade Serbia N/A
SOX-DOO - Serbian Open eXchange d.o.o. Belgrade Serbia N/A
EQIX-SIN - Equinix Exchange Singapore Singapore Singapore 1
SOX - Singapore Open Exchange Singapore Singapore N/A
SIX-SK - The Slovak Internet eXchange Bratislava Slovakia 1
CINX - Cape Town Internet Exchange Cape Town South Africa 1
NAPA-CT1 - NAPAfrica Capte Town Cape Town South Africa 1
NAPA-DB1 - NAPAfrica Durban Durban South Africa 1
GINX - Grahamstown Internet Exchange Grahamstown South Africa N/A
JINX - Johannesburg Internet exchange Johannesburg South Africa N/A
NAPA-JB1 - NAPAfrica Johannesburg Johannesburg South Africa 1
KINX - Korea Internet Neutral Exchange Seoul South Korea N/A
CATNIX - Catalunya Neutral Internet Exchange Barcelona Spain N/A
ESpanix - Espana Internet Exchange Madrid Spain 3
TMRK-MAD - Terremark NAP de las Madrid Madrid Spain 1
NIXVAL-IE - NIXVAL Internet Exchange Valencia Spain 1
GIX - Gothenburg Internet Exchange Gothenburg Sweden N/A
Netnod-GBG - Netnod Internet Exchange Gothenburg Gothenburg Sweden N/A
Netnod-LUL - Netnod Internet Exchange Lulea Lulea Sweden N/A
MalmIX - Open local Internet eXchange in Malmö Malmö Sweden N/A
Netnod-MMO - Netnod Internet Exchange Malmö Malmö Sweden N/A
Netnod-STH - Netnod Internet Exchange Stockholm Stockholm Sweden 4
Solix - Stockholm Open Local Internet Exchange Stockholm Sweden N/A
STHIX - Stockholm Internet eXchange Stockholm Sweden 3
Netnod-SVL - Netnod Internet Exchange Sundsvall Sundsvall Sweden N/A
CIXP - CERN Internet eXchange Point Geneva Switzerland 1
EQIX-ZRH - Equinix Exchange Zürich Zürich Switzerland 2
SwissIX - Swiss Internet Exchange Zürich Switzerland 9
TPIX - Taipei Internet Exchange Taipei Taiwan 1
BKNIX - Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange Bangkok Thailand N/A
PIE - ThaiSarn Public Internet Exchange Bangkok Thailand N/A
AMS-IX - Amsterdam Internet Exchange Amsterdam The Netherlands 6
NetIX-AMS - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands 1
NL-ix - netherlands internet exchange Amsterdam The Netherlands 18
ofis-IX - ofis Internet Exchange Amsterdam The Netherlands N/A
SpeedIX - SpeedIX Internet Exchange Dronten The Netherlands N/A
NDIX - Nederlands Duitse Internet Exchange Enschede The Netherlands N/A
GN-IX - Groningen Internet Exchange Groningen The Netherlands N/A
R-IX - Rotterdam Internet Exchange Rotterdam The Netherlands N/A
NetIX-IST - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, Istanbul Istanbul Turkey N/A
UIXP - Uganda Internet Exchange Kampala Uganda N/A
UA-IX - Ukrainian Internet Exchange Kiev Ukraine N/A
EMIX - Emirates Internet Exchange Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates N/A
UAE-IX - UAE Internet Exchange Dubai United Arab Emirates 2
IXCardiff - IXCardiff - powered by LINX Cardiff United Kingdom N/A
IXScotland - IXScotland - powered by LINX Edinburgh United Kingdom 1
LINX - London Internet Exchange London United Kingdom 11
LIPEX - London Internet Providers EXchange London United Kingdom 5
LONAP - London Access Point London United Kingdom 4
NetIX-LON - NetIX Global Internet Exchange, London London United Kingdom 1
IXManchester - IXManchester - powered by LINX Manchester United Kingdom 3
MaNAP - Manchester Network Access Point Manchester United Kingdom 3
DRIX-PHX - Digital Realty (DRIX) Phoenix Phoenix, AZ USA 1
Phoenix-IX - The Phoenix Internet Exchange Phoenix, AZ USA N/A
CIIX - CENIC International Internet eXchange Los Angeles, CA USA 1
EQIX-LA - Equinix Exchange Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA USA 2
LAIIX - Los Angeles International Internet eXchange Los Angeles, CA USA 1
PAIX-PAO - Peering And Internet eXchange Palo Alto Palo Alto, CA USA 4
SFMIX - San Francisco Internet eXchange San Francisco, CA USA 1
EQIX-SJC - Equinix Exchange San Jose San Jose, CA USA 2
IX-Denver - Interconnection eXchange - Denver Denver, CO USA N/A
TMRK-MIA - Terremark NAP of the Americas Miami, FL USA 1
TampaIX - Tampa Internet eXchange Tampa, FL USA N/A
TPA-IX - Tampa Internet Exchange Tampa, FL USA 2
DRIX-ATL - Digital Realty (DRIX) Atlanta Atlanta, GA USA 2
PAIX-ATL - Peering And Internet eXchange Atlanta Atlanta, GA USA 1
ChIX - Chicago Internet eXchange Chicago, IL USA 1
DRIX-ORD - Digital Realty (DRIX) Chicago Chicago, IL USA 3
EQIX-CHI - Equinix Exchange Chicago Chicago, IL USA 2
Midwest-IX - Midwest Internet Exchange Indianapolis, IN USA 3
BOSIX - Boston Internet Exchange Boston, MA USA 1
DET-IX - Detroit Internet Exchange Detroit, MI USA 3
MICE - Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange Minneapolis, Minnesota USA 1
KCIX - The Kansas City Internet Exchange Kansas City MO, MO USA 2
OmahaIX - Omaha Internet eXchange Omaha, NE USA 1
LINX-NoVA - LINX North Virginia Washington D.C., North Virginia USA 3
Big-APE - The Big Apple Peering Exchange New York, NY USA 1
DRIX-JFK - Digital Realty (DRIX) New York New York, NY USA 7
EQIX-NYC - Equinix Exchange New York New York, NY USA 3
NYIIX - New York International Internet eXchange New York, NY USA 3
PAIX-NYC - Peering And Internet eXchange New York New York, NY USA 3
iX-OKC - Internet eXchange Oklahoma City Oklahoma City, OK USA N/A
COIX - Central Oregon Internet Exchange Bend, OR USA 1
OIX - Oregon Internet Exchange Eugene, OR USA N/A
SOAX - Southern Oregon Access Exchange Medford, OR USA 1
NWAX - The Northwest Access Exchange Portland, OR USA 2
PitX - The Pittsburgh Internet Exchange Pittsburgh, PA USA N/A
DECIX-Dallas - DE-CIX Dallas Fabric Dallas, TX USA N/A
DRIX-DFW - Digital Realty (DRIX) Dallas Dallas, TX USA 5
EQIX-DAL - Equinix Exchange Dallas Dallas, TX USA 1
PAIX-DAL - Peering And Internet eXchange Dallas Dallas, TX USA 2
MEX-IX - MEX-IX McAllen McAllen, TX USA N/A
SLIX - Salt Lake Internet Exchange Salt Lake City, UT USA N/A
DRIX-IAE - Digital Realty (DRIX) Ashburn Ashburn, VA USA 3
EQIX-ASH - Equinix Exchange Ashburn Ashburn, VA USA 4
PAIX-VIR - Peering And Internet eXchange Virginia Vienna, VA USA 1
PAIX-SEA - Peering And Internet eXchange Seattle Seattle, WA USA 2
SIX - Seattle Internet Exchange Seattle, WA USA 1
MadIX - Madison Internet eXchange Peering Point Madison, WI USA N/A
MKE-IX - Milwaukee Internet Exchange Milwaukee, WI USA N/A
TAS-IX - Center for data networks interaction TAS-IX Tashkent Uzbekistan N/A
VNIX - Vietnam National Internet eXchange Hanoi Vietnam N/A

Total: 248 internet exchange points in 184 different areas.

If you would like to have an IXP added or updated, please feel free to contact us.

About Internet Exchanges

An internet exchange, often called IX or IXP for short, is a switching platform where internet carriers can exchange peering traffic with each other. Exchanging peering traffic over an internet exchange point rather than via direct peering, enables a carrier to interconnect with multiple networks via one uplink and thereby reduce the cost and complication of peering, enabling them to take on more peering relationships and perhaps even peer with other carriers even though the traffic volume is low.

Most of the large internet exchange points are commercial exchanges, where the participating carriers pay a fee to the IXP operator - typically depending on the port speed they are subscribing to. There are also "open" internet exchange points though, that do not require any payment or only require a symbolic fee.

Small internet exchanges are typically just one switch located in one data center, where the members can then connect to directly or through a meet me room, while the larger ixps consist of multiple switches located in different data centers that are connected to each other via direct fiber routes. This also gives members the benefit of being able to peer with members in other physical locations, without having to establish their own fiber connections between each other.

A lot of the internet exchanges publish member lists, location lists and statistics of their traffic volume on their website, enabling potential members to evaluate the ROI that connecting to the IXP might generate.

For more information about internet exchanges, please see Wikipedia. Other great resources when it comes to peering and exchange points are PeeringDB and DrPeering.
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