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Uganda Internet Exchange Point (UiXP) is a neutral initiative of the local Internet community in Uganda with a common purpose to encourage the exchange of Internet traffic (IP traffic) in a free-market environment between all interested parties.

The objective is to provide high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facility for both Uganda and external entities, allowing them to route IP traffic efficiently thereby providing faster, more reliable and lower-latency Internet access for their customers.

The overriding aim is to keep local Internet traffic local while deriving other benefits such as the following:

The Exchange Point

* Reduces operational costs for ISPs

* Spurs competition among ISP leading to drop in prices for consumer

* Improves reliability and performance leading to cost benefits to end users

* Provides for redundancy for peers and consumers

* Creates new local Internet bandwidth in the local market

The chosen model is one with a SWITCH in the middle via which Peers Interconnect.

The UiXP SWITCH is located in a secure location at Communications House in Kampala in a room provided without a cost by the Uganda Communications Commission.

Location: Kampala, Uganda

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