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The Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX), New England's largest Internet Exchange, is the ultimate hub for creating and developing IP peering partner relationships, enabling participants to optimize network performance and reduce latency and costs by eliminating network hops and bypassing intermediary networks. As the owner and operator of New England's only "carrier hotel" and largest multi-tenant data center, Markley Group felt it was vital to launch a premier internet exchange in Boston. BOSIX is designed to allow One Summer Street to better support the rapidly increasing flow of internet traffic in the region driven by the growing number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Service Providers (CDSPs) and leading financial, healthcare, academic, government, media, entertainment, science and technology firms expanding their presence in Boston. By leveraging the BOSIX platform, participants can keep local traffic local, lowering overall IP transit costs and more efficiently routing regional traffic to reduce latency and jitter to interactive applications.

Location: Boston, USA

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by Markley Group LLC.
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