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Sofia Teleport

Neterra Ltd
26a A. Saharov Blvd.
1784 Sofia
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Sofia Teleport is a carrier-neutral facility for satellite and terrestrial communication services in Bulgaria. The center is connected to all the existing telecom networks in Bulgaria. Sofia Teleport offers standart colocation services, including installation of servers, racks and cells, access to Internet, Carrier Class Ethernet, VPN, leased lines to every point in Bulgaria and abroad.

The service enables companies to focus on their core business activity, leaving all the concerns related to equipment maintenance in hands of professionals at a place specially build for this purpose. The service enables customers to place their servers and equipment in the data center and to connect to some of the largest international and all Bulgarian telecom operators.


* High speed diverse Internet connectivity
* Reliable, uninterruptible and secured service
* No need of initial investment for equipment
* No need to hire extra staff qualified in equipment maintenance and technical support
* Faster access to the websites located on the clients servers and better quality offered to the Internet users
* Reducing electricity costs
* Authorized 24-hour access to clients equipment
* Security - 24/7/365
* Total area of 120 sq.m.

Sofia Teleport Pricing
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Sofia Teleport
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