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Sofia Data Center 1 (SDC 1)

Neterra Ltd
3 Grigorii Gorbatenko Str., building 1
1784 Sofia
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Sofia Data Center is carrier neutral and one of the most modern and reliable colocation centers in Bulgaria. The newly built data center is constructed according to the highest standards and requirements and offers a high level of connectivity. It is the first and only one colocation facility in Bulgaria which was designed for such from the planning stage.

SERVICES OFFERED______________________________________________________________________________

The service enables customers to place their servers and equipment in Neterra data centers and to connect to some of the largest international and all Bulgarian telecom operators. The service enables companies to focus on their core business activity, leaving all the concerns related to equipment maintenance in hands of professionals at a place specially build for this purpose.

Professional IT Services
Neterra enables its customers to optimize and control most efficiently their IT systems by offering professional assistance at any time.

Dedicated Server
The company enables each client to start or expand their business by building a technical solution tailored to their needs.

Virtual Server
Rather than spending resources on purchasing equipment or renting a whole server, the company offers virtual servers to its price-sensitive clients.

NetIX - Internet Exchange Point
NetIX facilitates Internet service providers when exchanging traffic between their networks (autonomous systems) and provides interconnectivity between all participants - Internet service providers, content providers, cable and telecom operators.


* All Bulgarian networks are interconnected with biggest telecoms in Europe in the two meet-me rooms. BIX.BG, the first Internet exchange point in Bulgaria has colocated its equipment in Sofia Data Center.

* The company is part of the largest independent peering exchanges in Europe including DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Equinix in Paris, LINX in London, AMS-IX in Amsterdam and Ronix and Interlan in Bucharest.

* It has direct links toward more than 1200 networks, among which are Google,Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Myspace, etc. Neterra has redundant connectivity to 6 tier-1 providers through several independent optical routes through different telecom operators in Europe.

* The company has direct connectivity to all the neighboring countries - Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey and reaches the Caucasus region - Georgia and Armenia thought the Black Sea.

* Neterra's network is connected to the submarine cable systems SEA-ME WE 3 and MedNautilus to Asia and Africa.

SERVICE CONTINUITY_____________________________________________________________________________

* Two independent sources of electric power supply with the ability to absorb 100% of the loading 1+1 electric generators, switching automatically to each other with an extra fuel tank for 72 hours.

* Completely independent (N+1) A and B UPS systems.

* Completely independent (N+1) A and B 48V DC with starting configuration of 600Amps for each.

DISASTER PROTECTION___________________________________________________________________________

* Fire Alarm system is type VESDA® (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) which offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire. It is one of the most modern systems and technologies for fire suppression and detection, incorporating a high degree of fire protection.

* Fire suppression gas system uses FM200 ® which isolates the problem without affecting the surrounding area.

* Seismic protected building, projected to withstand earthquakes of a magnitude 9 in MSK scale.

ENVIRONMENTAL CARE____________________________________________________________________________

Free Cooling Air Conditioning System is build in the data center. The system uses less power and lower ambient air temperature and introduces greater quantities of fresh air which also improves the air quality in the facility. The system lowers the energy usage from 30% in the summer up to 50% in the cooler fall and winter months.


* Total area of 660 sq.m., 2 floors

* Floor height of 3,50m. and raised floor to 0,5m. and floor point loading - 3kN (300kg)

* 2 meet-me rooms, 2 independent incoming cable lines for external connections to each MMR and 2 independent routes for communication cables coming from MMR to the clients equipment.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT______________________________________________________________________________

* 24-hour security, computer access control, video surveillance and individual locks for each drawer.

* Constant monitoring of all systems: power supply and the following parameters - electric switchboard, UPS and air-conditioning system.

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Sofia Data Center 1 (SDC 1), other data centers in Sofia or operated by Neterra Ltd, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Neterra Ltd

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Sofia Data Center 1 (SDC 1)
3 Grigorii Gorbatenko Str., building 1
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