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Vivacom Data centers meet all requirements which are required for the certification of a such building complex as a Data Center. The acquired certificates (ISO 27001:2013, 9000) guarantee the quality of the offered services, the security of the information and reliability of all components inside the Data center such as: the power supply, cooling, climate control, physical security (guards and CCTV), fire alarms and fire suppression, the connection to VIVACOM's network, and the full redundancy of all components.Vivacom Data Centers are part of the support network for transferring data, in which there are installed MAN and DWDM sites which guarantees the high capacity of the transferring services and their high reliability due to the use of independent power lines and redundant communication equipment. The communication connection between the two Data Center is constructed on the base of support DWDM fiber network build in a ring topology.

Colocation services:
- Individual space for the clients equipment
- Power supply though 2 independent routes (A and B) form redundant power sources each on of which is equipped with an individual electrometer
- Temperature control (18-24C) and humidity (40-60%) in the building
- Full set of safety systems - access control, fire alarms, fire suppression, and others
- Included Power supply of an average 3 KW each month per communication rack
- Meet me area - possibility to connect to VIVACOM's network and other ISPs
- Possibility of additional power supply depending on the client's needs
- Smart Hands services - From a distance or on the spot technical support and removal of problems, installation, equipment configuration and other
- Full support 24/7/365 from a specialized team of the company

If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in VIVACOM DC WEST, or other data centers in Sofia or by VIVACOM, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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8 Haidushka polyana str. 1612 Sofia
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