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EVOLINK Datacenter Sofia 2

16B Burzaritza Str., Ovcha Kupel district
1618 Sofia
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Three level security access control - biometric readers, pin code and RF ID card.

24x7 life guard security.

Video surveillance with digital recording at the entrances/exits and the passages between the racks.

360 degrees video monitoring around the facility perimeter.

Locking cabinets.

Location details

Accessed via two main roads, 25 minutes from Sofia Airport:

Okolovrasten pat Str. (Sofia round road)
Tzar Boris III Blvd.

Located outside industrial area.

Building and premises characteristics

Building especially designed for data center purposes.

Equipped with a loading platform.

Situated at ground level floor.

No windows and no signs.

Capacity - 300 sq. meters.

Raised floor with load capacity for dispersed load 1000 kg per cabinet.

Raised floor 600 mm clear space.

Roof space for satellite antennas is available.

Rack/ Cabinet technical characteristics

800mm/1000mm locking cabinets.

Redundant power supply per cabinet - 4-10 kW.

Power supply redundancy

Redundant power supply system 2x(N+1).

Diverse A&B supply, distributed via busbar system.

Latest generation Emerson UPS system providing backup of the power supply.

600 kW Diesel Power Generator supporting 24-hour at full capacity with 8 hours, 24/7 fuel delivery.

Climate control

Temperatures levels: 22 degree C +/- 2 degree C.

Humidity levels: 45-55% RH

Highly efficient free cooling Climate Control System.

Redundant N+1.

Raised floor 600 mm, no power and telecommunication cables.

The power supply of the Climate Control Systems is reserved by the diesel generator.

Fire and flood detection systems

Flood detection system in the raised floor via sensors.

Very early warning aspirating smoke detection (VESDA).

Automated gas fire-extinguishing with a new generation of extinguishing agent - NOVEC 1230 with zero effect on the ozone layer.

Two separate independent fire-detection systems.

Fire resistant metal entrance/exit doors.

Additional services
In addition to all the traditional data center services, Evolink Data Center Sofia 2 provides:
- Roof space for SAT TV dishes
- Video transcoding services for OTT distribution
- Content Delivery Services
- Back-up and recovery services
- Network security services

EVOLINK Datacenter Sofia 2 Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in EVOLINK Datacenter Sofia 2, or other data centers in Sofia or by EVOLINK AD, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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