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Milk Point Mountain

Stadsberget Lulea AB
Torpslingan 36
S97453 Lulea
BD, Sweden
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To whom it may concern

Prospect for development in northern Sweden
High up in Scandinavia, in the northern part of Sweden, lies the city of Lulea.
Overlooking the city on its northern edge, there is a medium-sized hill named Mjölkuddsberget which translates in English to Milk Point Mountain.
The vista from the top of Mjölkuddsberget includes not only the city, the Bay Of Bothnia, but also the University of Lulea, one of three technical universities in Sweden.
Only recently has Mjölkuddsberget’ secret been revealed. Not so long ago, during the Cold War, this mountain became and was one of the key points of the Swedish defense system similar in scope to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs. Tunneled into and burrowed 40 meters below the summit of this granite mountain are 4700 square meters of permanent facilities available now for entrepreneurs to develop.
If desired, it is relatively simple to blast out the cavern and expand it.
Before the tunnel entrance with a steel door you must pass a gate.
Then it is a 100 m tunnel drivable into a square and a roundabout.
From the roundabout, it is then, heavily shielded with steel blast doors, entrances to other tunnels and buildings. All buildings are built separate from the cavern.

Two large rooms are located 240 meters back into the solid granite rock.
This rooms each 400 m2, deep inside the mountain, is located 40 meters below the summit.
One of the rooms is planned to become shiitake mushroom cultivation.
The second room it could be utilized for secure data storage or as a server farm.
Some infrastructure already exists, with access to major power sources.

Two buildings, the former offices and barracks, is planned to become a hotel with all the associated facilities.

Additionally, a state off the art "Green Data Centers” is planned to expand the cavern by blowing out the 50000 m3 of rock between the existing level and ground level.

• Square and roundabout 1600 m2 will be rebuilt to lobby, “Show-Off Area" and restaurant.
• Floors above lobby and up to the ground level will be built as five planes data halls. Each hall 2000 m2 white space without any service units.
• Building at ground level with reception, offices, storage, telecom, switchgear room, service rooms, fire suppression, mechanical rooms, electric rooms, transformers and generator room.
• Container Lift from ground level to Hall 1 and Hall 2.
• Service lift and stairs from office to Hall 1 – 5
• Passenger lift and stairwell between the reception and the "Show-Off Area".
• Rock Energy Storage for cooling / heating of data centers and buildings in the mountain as well as buildings on mountain ground level.

Benefits for a datacenter in Lulea's “Milk Point Mountain”:
• Possession of 15 ha land
• Rock shelter (physical protection and cooling)
Geologically stable bedrock
• Low Energy Costs
Water and wind energy at low price
On the shore of a lake (cooling)
Cold climate (cooling)
• Stable Network of 130 kV
• IT communications, fiber and radio based infrastructure
• Proximity of other IT activities
Large well-trained staff locally
• Everyone speaks English
• Only 1000 meters to city center and university
• Sweden stable political country
• Lulea offers everything expected of a city
Large Archipelago
Close to pristine nature
• Good communications on land, sea and air
Being the private owner of this property, I am confident that the IT industry will find it interesting and profitable to incorporate this mountain into their future development of secure operational and storage facilities.

We hope this letter prompts you to consider how Milk Point Mountain can become an advantage and asset to your business. Please convey your interest within one month so as to enable us to respond with more detailed and specific information.
There may be an opportunity for you to make a site visit or we could arrange to meet.

It would please me if this project interests you.

With kindest regards,

Bengt-Åke Strand

Attachments: Maps of Lulea and sketching the datacenter

Ö. Toppgatan 25 Torpslingan 36 0920-19084 070-59 190 84 0920-190 84
974 32 LULEÅ

State of the art “Green datacenter” building at ground level

Five computer halls by blast out the rock between the existing tunnel level and ground level.

Rebuilding existing caverns

Hotel 1200 m2

Rooms 68 beds

Breakfast restaurant 32 seats

Restaurant kitchens
Conference room

Show-Off- Area 1600 m2
Lobby restaurant 356 seats

Moreover 3500 m2
Rock tunnels 1 km
Shiitake mushroom production (500 m2)

Project Management Office 58 m2

”Green buildings” for hotel, residential and office.


Datacenter – Luleå Airport

University – Datacenter – City center
Stadsberget Luleå AB
Bengt-Åke Strand
Ö. Toppgatan 25
974 32 Luleå
Mobil: +46 (0)70 5919084 E-mail:

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Stadsberget Lulea AB
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Milk Point Mountain
Torpslingan 36
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