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Cloud Acropolis has upgraded its DR stie to a Rating 2 Standard. Our site is location in Nizwa, at more than 150 km from our main site. It has capacity of 4 racks, equivalent of 52 serves, 4100 CPU cores, 78 TB of RAM, 780 TB of pure Enterprise NVMe SSD storage..
This site adds up to our reliability pillar while respecting security and high performance. It is also connected to High Speed fibre internet, within anyone's reach
Cloud Acropolis Disaster Recovery or High Availability site is managed by the same talented and experienced team. Customers and enterprises can now benefit our DR and HA service using the most trusted and knowledgeable cloud provider company in the market. This site is following the exact same design and operational standards as our main site. It is in process to be added to our PCI DSS and ISO27001 scope.
From the physical point of view, the site has a single power from a local provider (Mazoon Electricity Company) with a ring connection, and already proven reliability for the past 2 years.
This power is backed up by a Generator and a diesel tank of 500 litters which can provide enough power for more than 5 days at full load. As per our actual tests, within the actual load we have a capacity of over 3 weeks now.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Cloud Acropolis DR/HA Nizwa, or other data centers in New Nizwa or by Cloud Acropolis, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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Cloud Acropolis DR/HA Nizwa
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