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Over The Cloud
Via Provinciale, 66
83030 Manocalzati
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Over The Cloud is a concentrate of IT services that focuses primarily on customer satisfaction, offering a range of high-performance and functional services based on maximum simplicity of management, as well as an immediate and effective Customer Assistance and Support system.

Specifically, the Over The Cloud network includes each of the following services:

* Hosting Active (> Domain Registration, Professional Web Hosting, VPS, SAAS Systems, Cloud & VM Management on demand.

* Over The Cloud VOIP Services (> Unified service for the complete management of a telephone switchboard in the cloud

* Over the Cloud WIFI Services (> Implementation of WI-FI hotspots with Captive Portal for small / medium companies with authentication system via social networks and access storage.

* Over The Cloud - Auditing & Detection (> Constant monitoring and uptime verification of your physical and virtual hosts.

* Power Cloud (> Hosting & Sharing file service to store and share your files quickly and securely.

* Storage Services (> Your "NAS" on the cloud to store and share your data on your Network.

* Veeam Cloud Connect (> Quick and secure backup

* Premium Web Design (> Creation and Design of WEB Sites / Portals, "Ready-To-Use" E-Commerce Platforms, Web Services, Growth Hacking and Social Media Marketing.

* Fail Over Plan (> Rental and Automated Management of Dedicated Servers, Up-time Verification Services, Hosts Monitoring and Storage Services.

Over-The-Cloud-DC Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Over-The-Cloud-DC, or other data centers in Manocalzati or by Over The Cloud, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

Over The Cloud
Data Center Operator at
Via Provinciale, 66
Headquartered in Manocalzati, Avellino