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83030 Manocalzati
Avellino, Italy
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Private Cabinets
Partial Cabinets
Individual Servers
Remote Hands
Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud Servers

Enterprises must face significant challenges to establish and manage their IT infrastructure, consider important cost reductions, access the best hardware and software solutions and utilize "pay per use" professional services.

Telephone & PBX services
Internal telephone network for your business
Company assets management
An ample perspective of your assets
All necessary Mobile Device Management tools in your hands
Web solutions
We will design your online brand identity together
Wifi vehicles
Internet WIFI on busses and company vehicles
Radio links
Wireless solutions for your business
Efficient management of your infrastructure in one panel

M.A.C.'s core business is the management of large IT systems supporting business enterprises. Our entire service network is designed and developed to enhance and optimize production processes through efficient IT management in every respect.

IT cost reduction
Supporting company growth along with cost control
Maintenance and technical support
Simplifying management and availability of IT environments
Events management
Congress Management System, an ideal solution for your events
HW/SW programming, configuring, installing and trasferring equipment
Help Desk
24h operators available
Outsourcing & Pay per use
Outsourcing applications and other IT components
Complete control over virtual systems, assets and infrastructures
Ponit-to-point radio connections for advanced requirements

Our servers are located in our data centers in Avellino and Milan. Our locations guarantee optimized italian connectivity, backbone Ifracom, and reduce latency for direct access to our network allowing an immediate and speedy response.
The advantage of a data center located in northern and southern Italy allows us to operate in a clear and efficient manner, reducing waiting times and optimising communication while maintaining high professional standards.
Each server is connected directly to a dedicated 50Mbit unit so as to offer the maximum available performance and speed. Our connectivity is offered and based exclusively on Watchguard/Cisco/Mikrotik technology and products, as well as phisically redundant for back up.

Creating and transferring domains
Your website immediately online
Hosting Web
Web space solutions tailored to your needs
Dedicated servers
Virtualizing, Cloud computing, archiving, firewall and many more services
Data Storage Backup
Your data will be completely secure
Design and management of software applications
Professional email, shared calendars and may more services
Virtual Private Server
High scaling, migration and remote management of services
Private Cloud
Transform your business through the potential of Cloud M.A.C.
IP network technology for multiprotocol traffic flow
Increase productivity and protect data

IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) is the closest service forming the cloud. When you puchase a IAAS service you gain access to a virtualization of traditional computer hardware: CPU, RAM, storage and network connectivity boards. Through this system you can then access the full potential and flexibility of a physical computer without worrying about the hardware or the discontinuation of the service in case of hardware malfunction as it becomes the supplier's responsibility to deal with these issues.
PAAS (Platform as a Service) is the virtualization of a platform. In this case you won't have to worry about the infrastructure through which the platform is created: for instance how much space your database requires or how to distribute the work load across your IAAS services, as these issues are already resolved by the PAAS supplier (ususally utilizing its IAAS infrastructure) you will simply create the application to offer the service.
SAAS is the achronym for Software as a Service, that is a software service designed on a platform which is based on an infrastructure. It is the highest level of service which can be offered and it is meant for the final user.
BaaS MAC is a backup and restore service based on a cloud and it is error proof, guaranteeing high speed, convenience and reliability as required by modern organizations.

Data Center's strengths
Limitless power under control
Medium voltage 200 kw room, with increased electrical power delivery capacity
Correct power for telco equipment and servers
Processing plant for 220V and -48V for application requirements and Telco.
UPS for micro interruption management
Double UPS system in each room for balancing.
Diesel generator for longer black outs
Bruno GX201JD, Engine John Deere 6068 KVA 180.
Optimum and well conveyed AC
Forced air conveyed through floor grids or through rooms with insulated cold/hot air shafts.
Monitored temperature and humidity
Consistent temperature in all areas. Consistent humidity between 40% and 60%.
Full remote control
Videocam detection system and remote control of all alarms
Vesda prevention system
Detection of smoke and dust with timely reporting
24Hx365 surveillance and control
24Hx365 surveillance. 24Hx365 on call technicians. Recorded and controlled access.
On site management and periodical checks
Internal network, HW and SW management teams and specialized maintenance and surveillance.
Easy location and maintenace
Floating floor for the entire surface. Weight capacity for over 1000kg per sqm.
Optimized cabling
Professional cabling allowing simple maintenance and service activation

Housing & Collocation
Your servers in our data center in Avellino: excellent italian connectivity, guaranteed by the presence of 3 separate supplieers and gigabit fiber conveyance, redundant power supply, video surveillance 7x7 H24/365.

Traffic Flat or pay as you go
Private Lan Yes
Redundant power suplly Yes
Ipv4 address Up to 253
Networking graphics Yes
OS Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, Gento, CloudLiniux
OS Windows Windows Web Edition 2008, Windows S.E. 2008, Windows 2012
SRV, Windows 2016 SRV
OS Unix NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
1st level assistance Yes
Systems assistance Optional
Firewall solutions Optional
Backup R1 soft Optional
Backup storage USB Optional
VMware ESX(i) Panel Optional
VPS Virtuozzo Panel Optional

Dedicated servers
Our MAC Datacenter provides last generation hardware to guarantee high reliability and optimum performance. Based on your requirements, you can choose between ready to use preconfigured machines or personalized configurations thanks to the numerous available add-ons.

MS Exchange
This service is intended for those who wish to outsource their email service.
Our MAC Cloud guarantees high levels of security thanks to firewall Watchguard with APT Blocker and antispam software.
A versatile configuration allows you to access your email, agenda and contacts anywhere you wish and an any kind of device.
This service also includes a daily backup with a one week lapse and the possibility to perform a granular restore of emails

This technology reduces cost for storing millions of files, of any type and extension, within our distibuted Cloud computing system which allows to pay only for the GB's actually utilized within the Cloud.
Our systems usually utilize redundant clusters which allow to save up to 5 different copies of the same file to avoid any loss of data. Our systems are safe for the storage of high quantities od files which can be accessed by several parties and with multiple protocols.
These systems allow to manage backups efficiently, as utilizing them allows to save on redundant backup systems and to occupy space based on the growth of our archive.

Our MAC Cloud, located within the Data Center in Manocalzati, allows you to configure your virtual server with a few simple steps, at a low cost and with high reliability.
Based on prime platforms (Vmware and Hyper-V), it allows for high scalability and personalization. Our expert team is always ready to answer your requests for information or support.

Near future implementations:
Vmware Orchestrator
Visual Cloud

Cloud Services
Design, implementation and supply of on-demand services
Design, planning, implementation, management and monitoring of all networking components
Migration from different OS to new ones
Basic data migration
Migration from different HW

M.A.C srl Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in M.A.C srl, or other data centers in Manocalzati or by Manutenzione ed Assistenza Computers S.r.l., please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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