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Synapsecom Telecoms
14th VIOPA, No 3
13341 Ano Liosia
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The Company was founded in 2007 in Athens, Greece.

The backbone network of Synapsecom consists of several fully protected Gbit and 10Gbit fiber links among all POPs and Synapsecom data centers.

The Company is operating POPs within carrier neutral data centers in Athens, Sofia and Frankfurt. Service quality is ensured by strict SLAs.

Our facility is sufficient to house a large number of telecommunication and IT equipment of the latest technology. The facility is developed in such way in order to offer great benefits to its customers.

The advantages of outsourcing your computer room into our Data Center are:

. Our data center offers the opportunity to immediately upgrade your technology as your business grows along with your new services or applications, without making repeated capital investments or increase your personnel
. On site security on a 24/7 basis, prohibiting unauthorized access to your equipment
. Uninterruptible power supply to secure uptime for your equipment
. Optimum temperature and humidity conditions in order to ensure the smooth operation of all the high-tech and extremely demanding telecommunications equipment
. 24/7 monitoring of our facilities and option for full technical support according to your needs by our well-trained personnel
. Our carrier-neutrality enables our customers to choose their provider
. Every Customer is able to interconnect with national and international telecommunication carriers and ISPs
. Interconnection for every customer with multiple other customers' networks, by setting up a point of presence in our data center, avoiding the need for several interconnections at different locations
. The major network between Sofia, Bulgaria and Thessaloniki, Greece- used by major domestic and International ISPs- is terminated in our data center

SYNAPSECOM Athens SNC-2 Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in SYNAPSECOM Athens SNC-2, or other data centers in Athens or by Synapsecom Telecoms, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

Synapsecom Telecoms
Data Center Operator at
14th VIOPA, No 3
Headquartered in Ano Liosia, Greece