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MedNautilus Koropi Data Center

MedNautilus Greece S.A.
Litous 13, Alonistra
19400 Koropi
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MedNautilus Greece co-location sites encompass an area of more than 8000 m2 and are situated in Koropi and Metamorphosis in Attica and in Chania on the island of Crete. We offer a great range of state-of-the-art services including co-location with first and second level support, storage networking, managed hosting, disaster recovery as well as many others.

Hosting your computing and/or telecommunications system at a MedNautilus Greece site, enables fast, efficient and economical connection options with other telecommunications providers, as well as with your customers.

Using N+1 system back-up throughout each building, our facilities have been designed and built to meet the most advanced international standards, in accordance with NEBS requirements (Network Equipment Building Standards).

Electrical Supply

Two high voltage sources from two separate power transformers

Electrical supply connection exceeds 1KVA/m2

Diesel UPS back-up systems composed of 2 CPS (Continuous Power supply) with an output of 1000 KVA each, enabling continuous work during a power outage (including the air-conditioning system)

Double DC power feed for equipment A+B and an Automatic Static Transfer Switch (ASTS) system option for equipment with single feed.

Installation of 1 OHM grounding systems with up to 30 MHz frequency for servers and communication switches. HP filtering for HF currents.

Electro-mechanical SLA is 99,999%

Air Conditioning systems

Direct venting to all IDC areas via raised floors (Liebert units, 350.000 btu)

Designed to operate in extreme conditions

Temperatures can be individually monitored and controlled

A temperature of 220C±1o is preserved at all times as well as a humidity of 50% ±10%. These conditions guarantee an SLA of 99,99%.

Fire detection and extinguishing systems
Our fire detection systems are based on local sampling units, located in the service areas and workrooms. In the event of a fire, the FM200 gas detection and extinguishing system is initiated. In the event of a gas system failure, this system can be put into operation by hand. In a very unlikely worst case scenario, a back-up “dry” water based system goes into service. The structure meets fire-proofing standards for up to four hours of fire.

Monitoring and control system
The BMS (Building Management System) monitoring and control system allows complete control over all building systems (electricity, air-conditioning, fire detection and extinguishing). The monitoring system operates 24 hours per day, utilizing various sensors located throughout the building to immediately detect any malfunction.

A Guarantee of security
All buildings are equipped with market-leading security systems providing entry control and intrusion detection, guaranteeing round the clock protection. Admission and exits to workrooms and servers are monitored by a central system utilizing “smart cards”, biometric cameras and other devices.

Technical support and customer services
We offer the benefits of consistent and reliable customer services from the planning and installation stages up to final implementation and provide continuous technical support throughout.

Telecommunications infrastructure

Being a company mainly addressing the telecommunications market, through our partners we cater to all your telecommunications needs at the most competitive rates.

As far as connectivity abroad is concerned, our parent company can easily offer your company a rapid link with the rest of our network which covers the Eastern Mediterranean region, Western Europe and North America. Through our parent company’s partner networks, it’s possible to achieve connectivity with any part of the world.

On a local level our company offers direct connectivity with Chania and in the short-term, Thessalonica. Our client can reach their terminal point by using a telecommunication carrier originating from any of the data centers in one of these cities.

The possibilities for connectivity with various points in Attica are significant. At our Metamorphosis data center clients such as OTE, Attica Telecom, Vodafone, TIM and Tellas terminate there utilizing double routing connections, while more than five companies with a microwave network have installed their equipment on the building’s roof. This is very significant since this enables the working position to be interconnected with any point. In general we would like to note that the interconnection that we could supply - starting from wavelength and reaching 2 Mbps (or more) - can be of technology SDH, ATM, GbE, TCP/IP or any other the choice is yours.

MedNautilus Koropi Data Center Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in MedNautilus Koropi Data Center, or other data centers in Athens or by MedNautilus Greece S.A., please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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