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Green Data SAS
55 avenue des Champs Pierreux
92000 Nanterre
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The building is a 65000m² former Car factory, built in 1924 and converted in a Datacenter + Office in 1991. Level 3 is located on the left wing, whereas we are located in the right wing.
They have approx 1MW of IT power, mainly for Telecom racks.
We have approx 4MW of IT power (7.2 MW from the Grid), mainly for Servers racks.

We focus on "High Density" housing and hosting, with Green concern.

We have legacy cooling (CRAC - cold air blown in the raised floor) with FreeCooling feature.
In addition to traditional 19" racks, we use OCP racks (12kW, 18kW, air cooled or DLC (Direct Liquid Cooled) and OCP servers from many manufacturers.

We also have regular 19" DLC racks (Direct Liquid Cooling) ready-to-rent for up to 72kW per rack ! or even unique Immersion Cooling tanks (up to 50kW per tank) where servers are immersed in dielectric oïl !

Most of the national and international carriers have fiber cables getting into this building since Level 3 arrived in the 90' Internet / Data connections are very affordable here.

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Green Data SAS
Data Center Operator at
55 avenue des Champs Pierreux
Headquartered in Nanterre, France