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CMC Hanoi Data Center

CMC Telecom
2F - 3F, CMC Tower, Duy Tan Str., Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay Dis.
100000 Hanoi
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Data Center Information:
- 02 Data Center: Standar neutrality Tier 3 - TIA 942 in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City
- Security 24/7: All external and internal cameras 24/7 operates with electrical and biometric authenticity
- Operating Center: Infrastructure administrator and network operating systems ensures 24/7 monitoring, and provides real-time warnings.
- ADCA: CMC Telecom is the only Vietnamese member of the Asia DataCenter Alliance
- 3.000+ m2: DC area ensures a capacity of 500 racks and ready to be expanded
- Network System: Core network connects peering with all large ISPs in the country and abroad.
- International standards: ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 27001. DC Tier 3 - TIA942 Standard

Data Center Services:
- Dedicated Server: Provide you with dedicated server in specific space in the rack system, to ensure high security and connecting the server to the Internet.
o No need to spend on hardware: Reduce the costs for enterprises. Increase the competitiveness and flexibility in business.
o You decide on server configuration: Select and upgrade server configuration at any time for your needs
o Proactively install the application: Install additional applications and utilities suitable with enterprise's needs.
- Virtual Private Server: Provide you a dedicated and independent area that you may freely manage the configuration, install applications and deploy at your own time.
o No need to focus in hardware: Reduce the costs for enterprises. Increase the competitiveness and flexibility in business
o Flexible server configuration: Select and upgrade server configuration at any time at your needs
o Backup for instantaneous recovery: Backup and restore VPS immediately.
- Colocation: Provide you a private space on rack system to put the server that helps to use the available infrastructure services of a data center and connect to the Internet.
o Use standard DC space infrastructure: Ensure an optimal environment for operation of servers
o Cost savings: Reduce the costs for enterprises. Increase the competitiveness and flexibility in business
o Support 24/7: Rapidly support at anytime and anywhere, ensure the operation of your business.
- DC location services: You may be leased a clearly planned and partitioned floor area, and enjoyed all existing infrastructure conditions of CMC Telecom's data center. In addition, you can choose to hire rack or rack location.
o Provide only for restricted area with monitoring: Separate restricted area with iron enclosure with fingerprint access control and a dedicated camera.
o Set up hardware infrastructure actively: Allow customer to use their discretion to equip, set up server system, rack, switch ... and other hardware
o Support professional design consultation: Professional and experienced consultants will support customers to design, run and maintain system and customer can upgrade service packages on demand.
- Carrier hotel: Data Center Carrier Hotel Service is intended for Carriers that like to lease a large area for server location, ranging from a few racks to a dedicated room or a floor in the CMC Telecom's Data Center
o Neutrality: Customers decide on the carriers they want to connect to.
o Redundancy: Customer can connect to various providers, and that option of multi-connectivity assures high redundancy and maintains 100% uptime.
o Affordability: In terms of monetary value and in terms of downtime, carrier-neutral hotel is a smart investment worth considering.
- VPOP: Understanding your challenges in finding low-risk solution while keeping network expansion flexible, VPOP services help to control the cost without the hassle of heavy network investment. You can quickly expand your reach at ease, by simply riding on CMC facilities in Vietnam.
o Cost saving: Minimize the cost of initial investment in devices.
o Service improvement: Continuously synchronize with your global POP network, VPOP helps you to increase the bandwidth capacity up to 70% and brings significant improvement of service quality.
o Trouble-free customs procedures: CMC Telecom's Lease Service allows you to change from Capex to Opex, get trouble-free customs procedures by CMC supports
- Domain name: Extended along with the development of enterprise in the digital space
o VN domain registrar: CMC Telecom is the top-level registrar of .VN domain
o International domain registrar: CMC Telecom, as a Registrar, provides international domain name under ICANN's operations in Vietnam
o Easy DNS management: Manage DNS records easily; add and change IP; change the email distribution addresses
- Hosting:
o Fastest access: CMC Telecom owns a standard neutral Data Center that allows you to access the website in a fastest way, 99.99% availability without depending on the network
o Absolute safety: The systemic and professional mechanism of back-up and recovery makes you peace in mind for your business development
o Highest security: As an exclusive security partner of IBM in Vietnam, CMC Telecom's Data Center System is regularly monitored and protected by the world's leading experts.
- SSL certificates:
o Reputation guarantee: SSL Certificates Service is similar to a reputation declaration of enterprises in cyberspace to you
o Transaction encode: Customers and enterprises may have peace in mind with SSL Certificates encrypted on all online transactions
o Lower cost: CMC Telecom provides multiple services, ensuring for you with the most reasonable cost if chosen

Professional Administration - Monitoring: CMC Telecom provides monitoring and administration services through professional management tools that helps you to continuously monitor the network devices and the availability, effectiveness of network services anywhere.
- Management:
o Install and configure the services on demand.
o Check system and back-up data periodically.
o Dedicated monitoring and management system
- Remote hand
o Local technical operations support
o Configure, set and forward the status of devices on request
o Diagnose and check alarms
- Data Backup
o Configure and back-up customers' servers periodically as requested.
o Filter unnecessary data while conducting backup.
o Restore the data from backup if necessary.
o Check data periodically.
- Firewall Service
o Monitor, log and control what traffic is allowed to traverse in between input and output nodes of a server.
o Prevent and mitigate common types of attacks on the internet to the server, such as a password detection, eavesdropping, IP address spoofing, DDOS, SYN attacks etc.
- Load balance for websites, email: Use of load balancer to distribute traffic of web and email servers across multiple nodes to ensure reliability and improve efficiency of your websites and email

CMC Hanoi Data Center Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in CMC Hanoi Data Center, or other data centers in Hanoi or by CMC Telecom, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

CMC Telecom
Data Center Operator at
CMC Hanoi Data Center
2F - 3F, CMC Tower, Duy Tan Str., Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay Dis.
Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam