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Superb DCA2 - McLean

HopOne Internet
8201 Greensboro Dr
22102 McLean
Virginia, USA
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DCA2 Data Center is located in Virginia's prestigious Tyson's Corner (McLean). It is 13,000+ sq. ft. in size, has over 10 Gb/s traffic capacity, and is staffed 24x7x365 with nearly 20 highly-skilled staff on site. The location has been carefully picked as one of the highest elevation (well above the 100-year flood plane) and most reliable power areas in all of Virginia.

Power Generators:
The data centre is fed via three separate power feeds and is protected by two separate generators, and further secured in case of any generator failure via three separate roll-up generator connection points.

AC Infrastructure:
A modern data centre requires over 30 tons of cooling per each 1000 sq. ft. Our DCA2 data centre has ample cooling - designed and engineered with the capacity and redundancy in place to keep the current and future generations of (even more dense and hotter) servers cool. Outside condensers are located in two separate areas.

The data centre is secured via multiple perimeter access systems, fire-proof heavy-duty doors, and is equipped with 24x7x365 live video surveillance, and multiple level independent fire-suppression systems, in addition to being, of course, always staffed 24x7x365.

DCA2 is an integral part of the national coast-to-coast IP backbone. Multiple Gigabits per second of traffic continuously stream out of and into DCA2, all through a fully redundant Cisco 12012 GSR series based core network architecture, linking DCA2 to the world.

AC & Access to Distribution Network Infrastructure:
The data centre floor is dotted with numerous 30 ton Liebert AC units, two of which are seen here. Due to the size of the data centre, in certain areas "Distribution layer C" switches are in place to aggregate the (as always, fully redundant in every single way) Distrition B to Access layer links.

Data Centre floor Power Architecture:
Numerous PDU units also dot the data centre floor, distributing the power to the power-hungry servers occupying the racks and shelves throughout.

Power Protection Infrastructure:
The data centre uses three (3) separate UPS systems, one on each separate power feed.
UPS systems, via two separate power feeds, and being backed up by two separate generators, switched in nanoseconds between the sources using via the intelligent STS.

Critical power loads, such as the core network routers, are protected in real time via an advanced Static Transfer Switch (STS), that ensures that they remain up even in a catastrophic failure of one UPS system and a generator - by being fed from two separate

The data centre is staffed live 24x7x365 by highly skilled systems & network engineers and administrators. All clients can always talk directly to a technician locally on site at any time of the day or night.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Superb DCA2 - McLean, or other data centers in Vienna Virginia or by HopOne Internet, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

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