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8100 Boone Boulevard

Digital Realty
8100 Boone Boulevard
22182 Vienna
Virginia, USA
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The data center located at 8100 Boone Boulevard boasts a total data center space of 10,935 square feet, which includes a dedicated telecommunications space of 1,080 square feet. The facility is equipped with 4OU x 24 in. W x 40 in. D locking steel cabinets, ensuring secure and ample space for hardware storage.

Safety and security measures are top-notch, with a double interlock overhead preaction sprinkler system and VESDA smoke detection alarm system installed to promptly detect and respond to fire incidents. Additionally, the facility is safeguarded with a biometric card access system complemented by digital video capabilities, providing stringent security protocols for access control.

The data center's design reflects a commitment to robust infrastructure and operational excellence, positioning it as a reliable choice for organizations seeking a secure and well-equipped data center solution.

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Digital Realty

Digital Realty

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8100 Boone Boulevard
8100 Boone Boulevard
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