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Power Loft @ Innovation

9651 Hornbaker Road
20109 Manassas
Virginia, USA
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Power Loft LLC was formed in 2006 as a joint venture between Oak Hill Realty LLC, the real estate investment arm of the Robert M. Bass Family (now DBA Iron Point Partners LLC), and Coakley Investors LLC. Iron Point Partners raised $460 million in private equity in 2008 to support the Power Loft in the development of mission critical facilities and will remain involved as the lead capital partner throughout any proposed development for the Federal Government. Power Loft facilities have four primary distinctions over datacenters built to date:

1.Scaling: Power Loft data centers differ in their ability to physically scale in modular increments of 50,000 raised square feet, and in power increments ranging from 100 to over 300 watts per raised square foot, but with no attrition to the original raised floor area.

2.High Density: Our proprietary two story design segregates all IT equipment one story above the mechanical and electric plant, with all CRAHs being consolidated off of the raised floor area into larger, more efficient air handling units below. This results in space, cooling and power for 50% more racks, or three times the computing power over comparably platforms.

3.High Security: Power Loft data centers comply with Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) design guidelines --bermed, fenced, gated with rollup vehicle barriers and guarded 24/7. Our two story design also promotes a hard separation between the raised floor area above and the MEP activities below.

4.Green: All of our buildings are LEED Certified. Our two story design utilizes 50% less land than comparable data centers while supporting 50% more racks and 50% more power per square foot of raised floor area. Our green roof and green screen minimize impact on the local watershed and insulate the building from fluctuations in outside temperatures. And our unique AC/DC power backbone will accommodate the latest advances in the use of DC powered blade servers.

Combined, Power Loft data center accommodate three times the computing power with the ability to use 36% less power. In addition, the ability to provide critical power in measured increments allow users to step up their rental commitments slightly in advance of demand.

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Power Loft @ Innovation
Company: Power Loft LLC
Power Loft was acquired in September 2010 by Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)
Company: Company: Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT)
In January 2022, CloudHQ acquired the Manassas wholesale data center from COPT.
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Data Center Operator at
Power Loft @ Innovation
9651 Hornbaker Road
Headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia