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501 Franklin Ave
11530 Garden City
New York, USA
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NY1 by Webair is a Tier III-rated data center and premier facility east of New York City for enterprise colocation, private and hybrid cloud solutions, and managed services.

-24/7 'real' unix/windows technicians on site
-LIRR train station on premises

T4MW of power comes into the building. 2MW is currently dedicated to the data center, with the rest available for future use. There are 4 generator pads dedicated to the data center. 2 are currently occupied and supply 1MW of generation at N+1. 2 additional generators can easily be added. Generators are connected to 2 redundant, 6,000 gallon diesel tanks, providing a total of 12,000 gallons or up to 14 days of run time at current loads. A generator paralleling system exists which can parallel up to 16 generators. A custom load shed panel is also installed. A roll up connector is also configured directly into the ATS to facilitate additional emergency generators or load banks. The generators are tested weekly, with a full load test monthly.

Generators power 3 dedicated UPS systems, each lower than 50% capacity today. 3 additional UPS systems can easily be added. Each UPS system includes dual battery cabinets for 20 minutes run time at full load. The UPS systems provide true diverse A/B power. 3 PDUs are located in the data center to provide every cabinet with diverse A/B power. PDUs are connected through STSs to reach the UPSs. This ensures that each PDU is connected to 2 UPSs for full redundancy.

Branch distribution is provided via busways over the cabinets. This allows for limitless power configurations.

The Busway, PDU, STS, UPS, ATS, and Generators are all tied into the building management system allowing the BMS system to make decisions and track and monitor all devices.

Overhead cable trays for copper and fiber
Proximity cards and biometric access control system with mantrap

Cooling to the data center is supplied via 8 distinct CRAC units. The cooling system is either N+2 or N+3 depending on time of year. Each CRAC unit has a dedicated glycol loop as well as a dedicated dry cooler and pump package. This ensures maximum redundancy and diversity in the system. Additional glycol loops exists for easy expansion.

The majority of the data center features a 'hot isle containment' system which ensures all hot air is directed back to the CRAC unit's air intake and never mixes with cold air. This greatly increases capacity and lower's data center PUE.

All CRAC units and dry coolers are tied directly into the building's BMS system, along with multiple temperature sensors throughout the room. This allows the BMS system to ensure temperature set points are maintained, turning on and off units as needed and cycling them for equal wear and tear.

Physically diverse point of entry provides dark fiber to our own ring in New York City
New York City bypass to New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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