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Tata Communications New York

Tata Communications
32 Avenue
10014 New York
New York, USA
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Our data centers are centrally managed to provide you with optimal performance, reduced total cost of ownership and peace of mind.

We own and operate data centers on three continents. Our hosting capabilities integrate directly into our global IP network to offer maximum traffic capacity into and out of our facilities. Our global data centers are centrally managed to provide consistent service delivery, allowing you to scale seamlessly as your needs develop.

Take advantage of the cost savings from shared IT infrastructure, and because our facilities integrate fully into our global IP network, we directly route your traffic to our globe-spanning network of high-capacity subsea and terrestrial cables.

Part of 32 Avenue of the Americas

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Tata Communications

Data Center Operator at
Tata Communications New York
32 Avenue
Headquartered in Mumbai, India