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Stone Mountain Data Complex

Stone Mountain Dataplex, Inc.
235 A Tom T. Hall Blvd
41164 Olive Hill
Kentucky, USA
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Located in Lawton, KY, Stone Mountain Data Complex is being constructed within six million square feet inside of a limestone mountain.

This is an ultra-secure tier 4+ data center implementation with raised flooring and 1000 MW supplied from multiple providers in redundant fashion (2 GW total), with additional onsite sub-stations and an additional planned 800 MW on-site Co-Generation power plant.

[X] 24/7 access
[X] 24/7 staff on site
[X] 24/7 security guard(s)
[X] Remote hands available
[X] Automatic fire suppression
[X] Video surveillance
[X] Generator
[X] Alarm system
[X] Aircondition

[X] Rental of suites/rooms
[X] Rental of cages
[X] Rental of foot prints
[X] Rental of racks
[X] Hosting of individual servers
[X] Dedicated servers
[X] Virtual servers
[X] Office space

Fiber optical connections from various carriers including TimeWarner, WindStream and AT&T.

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Stone Mountain Dataplex, Inc.
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Stone Mountain Data Complex
235 A Tom T. Hall Blvd
Headquartered in Lawton, Kentucky