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CBTS Florence Data Center

987 Central Blvd.
41042 Florence
Kentucky, USA
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CBTS’ best-of-breed technology platforms enable our data center customers to enjoy on-demand dedicated or shared access to the following:

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Companies like yours need stable and efficient facilities to operate their IT infrastructure at its best. This is what CBTS does best and this is our core competency. Whether driven by compliance regulations, increased growth in data, additional communications platforms, physical and virtual security concerns, or stable environmentals to operate optimally….CBTS’ data center solutions are flexible enough to meet your requirements while providing cost-efficient and effective options. For many, finding a data center provider is the solution; however, finding a provider with the power, space and bandwidth to meet your growing requirements is only half the battle.

Today, CBTS owns and operates ten (10) geographically dispersed data centers in the Midwest. They are strategically positioned to leverage our own transport grid, redundant power, environmental and security platforms, allowing you to realize the benefits of a hardened data center without the burden of capital expenditures.

Available services and features:


Being a subsidiary of Cincinnati Bell is an advantage because of the variety of bandwidth and connectivity options we can offer our clients. Cincinnati Bell has peering agreements with all major telecommunications carriers, providing our customers flat rate bandwidth options ranging from DSx – OCx speeds, to tiered burstable connectivity from Level 3's IP backbone (56k – 20MB/s speeds). CBTS also has an additional and unique transport option – a DWDM fiber loop that connects all our ten (10) data centers; this high-speed loop facilitates a number of business continuity and disaster recovery options not available from other data center providers anywhere in the country.


CBTS data centers have 100% redundancy capabilities throughout our power delivery system. This means our data centers have dispersed power grid feeds to separate power connections into the cabinet. Power enters the building from two separate power grids provided by the public utility company. Power inside the facility is provided to each individual cabinet supplied by separate power feeds from disparate UPS systems. If a power outage is sensed by our detection systems, the battery portion of the system kicks in immediately and within one minute, the backup generators come on line to provide full backup power to the data center. This process is transparent to all customer equipment in the facility, while ensure that no device is affected by the outage. In addition, all customer cabinets are grounded and protected by anti-static mats and floor tiles. This is fully tested and certified by a third party testing service.


CBTS data centers have N+1 redundancy capability for all environmental controls. Temperature and humidity are continuously monitored and controlled via multiple sensors to maintain air temperature between 70 – 74 degrees and relative humidity between 40% – 60%. Each unit has a data interface board that reports the environmental status and all alarms to the building’s environmental management system, which is monitored 24x7. CBTS also has a state-of-the-art fire suppression system, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection System Appliance) proactively monitors for smoke and fires. Once VESDA detects particles or smoke in the air, it immediately notifies the ENOC at the data center and the personnel staff will immediately see the alert. All CBTS facilities are meshed for monitoring purposes.


CBTS employs a seven (7) tier security approach to ensure your data is safe. All our data centers are well-secured environments, including the 24x7 presence of guards, closed-circuit TV monitoring, electronic card-key access, and a host of access procedures that ensures unauthorized parties cannot access our client’s IT equipment. Our data center facilities are also structurally sound and capable of protecting your IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. In fact, the Cincinnati Data Center was built in 1930 and is dramatically over-engineered, according to the Bell System standards for disaster protection. The building features a triple wall construction that includes an outer layer of brick, inner layer of 12” re-enforced concrete, and another inner layer of brick. It also has a unique “flexible” foundation designed to absorb the movement of the earth in the highly unlikely event of an earthquake.


All CBTS data centers are subject to an annual SAS 70 Type II audit, and this compliance verification report is available in hardcopy to CBTS' data center customers as needed. Every three calendar years, CBTS has a "HIPAA Compliance" audit performed during that year's SAS 70 audit. The additional HIPAA audit testing covers CBTS' obligations as a "Business Associate" to protect customer PHI per the Privacy and Security Regulations.

Cloud Computing
Cincinnati Bell N + N redundant network
Private partition in a CBTS data center
Private extension of your network
Specify and use your own IP addressing
Layer 2 or Layer 3 agnostic connectivity via private circuit, MPLS, VPN, or Metro Ethernet
Virtual Data Center appears as a site on your private network
Web portal to configure and deploy your servers on demand, 24x7

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in CBTS Florence Data Center, other data centers in Florence KY or operated by CBTS, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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