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Ukrnames DC2

Center of Ukrainian Internet Names
Plehanovskaya 126/1
61037 Kharkov
Kharkov, Ukraine
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Parameters of the new data center:
Location: Kharkov, st. Plekhanovskaya 126/1 (ground floor of a 2-storey building, built in 1986).
Area: 130 square meters (two separate, adjacent premises - are owned by the company).

Room configuration:
2 server rooms of 40+ square meters (10-12 server cabinets each), room for staff

Electricity grid:
Power: 30+ kW (expandable) for each room
Number of inputs: 2 independent inputs with automatic backup power
Redundancy: TEKSAN GENERATOR with automatic start + General Electric UPS
- Cooper & Hunter Air Conditioners, N+1
Server room protection:
- Waterproofing (protection against flooding), sewn from dust
- Security system with alarm
- Access control system, video surveillance system
- Automatic gas fire system (Freon 125)

The Internet:
Currently, several independent fiber-optic lines from 1-st datacenter.

Ukrnames DC2 Pricing
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Center of Ukrainian Internet Names
Data Center Operator at
Ukrnames DC2
Plehanovskaya 126/1
Headquartered in Kharkov, Kharkovskaya obl.