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Cellnex Rotterdam

Cellnex Netherlands
Anthony Fokkerweg 40
3088 GG Rotterdam
The Netherlands
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The Cellnex datacenters have been set up in a compact and modular fashion. Due to the small-scale nature of the datacenter floors, they are constantly capable of integrating the latest technologies and designing a datacenter that meets your expectations and requirements.

The first business who secured their data in this modular datacenter is the (maritime) transport company Jumbo. The 202-meter-high radio mast stands in de Waalhaven and is the highest free-standing mast in the Netherlands.

Since 1962, the radio mast has been used for the telephone service for many years and was also used for radio or television signals. Nowadays, the tower is used to transmit radio frequencies. This radio mast was constructed according to the same principles used for the Euromast. As the buildings in the city became higher, it became necessary in 1983 to increase the height of the tower.

*40 m² surface area per data floor
*80 m² total surface area
*281 kVA total capacity
*Per rack standard 1-20 kVA capacity
*Power supply via A and B Feed
*230 Volt and 400 Volt present, 48 Volt on request
*PUE value <1.2
*100% powered by sustainable Dutch wind energy
*Direct free air cooling

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Cellnex Rotterdam, or other data centers in Rotterdam or by Cellnex Netherlands, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Cellnex Netherlands
Data Center Operator at
Cellnex Rotterdam
Anthony Fokkerweg 40
Headquartered in Zwolle, Nederland