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Bytesnet Rotterdam Spaanse Kubus

Schuttevaerweg 48
3044 BB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
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Bytesnet Rotterdam, also known as De Spaanse Kubus, represents a pinnacle of data center innovation, strategically located to harness the internet backbone of Europe for unparalleled connectivity. This Tier III(+) facility is designed to ensure the optimal performance of your hardware and connections in a sustainable environment. The data center's infrastructure is tailored to provide 24/7 access to clients, ensuring that your critical systems are always within reach.

The commitment to sustainability is evident in the center's use of KyotoCooling, a system that maximizes the use of outside air for cooling, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions and avoiding the use of scarce tap water. Security is paramount, with BORG 3 level protection, including biometric access controls, and an ISO 27001 certified procedure ensuring that your data remains secure. In addition, the facility boasts an uptime of 99.982%, backed by redundant power supplies and cooling systems, demonstrating Bytesnet's dedication to reliability and environmental responsibility.

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Data Center Operator at
Bytesnet Rotterdam Spaanse Kubus
Schuttevaerweg 48
Headquartered in Groningen, Netherlands