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Penta LEE02 (DCF2)

Penta Infra
Archimedesweg 3
8912 AK Leeuwarden
The Netherlands
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The increasing amount of business-critical infrastructure and data requires professional data center solutions to keep pace with the growing demands for security, resilience and sustainability.

Based on experience from operating 10+ data centers in multiple countries like Denmark, Germany and Holland, Penta Infra is your trusted partner providing data center facilities for your infrastructure.

Penta is expanding with space, capacity, data centers and sustainable solutions to be prepared for your current and future needs.

With Penta Infra as your partner, you will realize this. That's the Penta effect!


The Penta twin datacenter setup (LEE01 and LEE02) located in Leeuwarden is the most important regional hub that interconnects the Northern part of the Netherlands. As a result, all main carriers and ISP's are present in the datacenter.

The datacenter is also on the main fiber route between Amsterdam the Eemshaven Datacenter Hub and the Nordics (COBRA Cable). Further it is directly connected to our datacenters in Germany and Denmark.

LEE02 (also known as DCF2) is a high quality high redundant and fully stand-alone running datacenter. With the dedicated redundant direct fiber routes between LEE02 and LEE01, it can also be combined in a twin solution with Penta LEE01. Both LEE01 and LEE02 are tier3 datacenters and certified according to ISO 27001 and ISEA 3402 type II declaration.

This twin datacenter setup together with the metro fiber ring and the FttO network offers a wide range of services expansion options office space and interconnection services.

Penta LEE02 (DCF2) - Penta LEE02
Penta LEE02 (DCF2) - Penta LEE02
Penta LEE02 (DCF2) - Penta LEE02
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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Penta LEE02 (DCF2), other data centers in Leeuwarden or operated by Penta Infra, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Penta Infra

Data Center Operator at
Penta LEE02 (DCF2)
Archimedesweg 3
Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands