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Bytesnet Groningen d'ROOT

De Bunders 1
9747 AX Groningen
The Netherlands
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Bytesnet's Groningen Datacenter d'ROOT, established in 2018, represents a pinnacle of modern data center design, emphasizing sustainability and high-performance computing for big data. The facility boasts an innovative Data Lab on Campus Groningen, offering more computing capacity while maintaining responsible energy consumption and reusing residual heat. It is powered entirely by green energy, ensuring an eco-friendly operation.

The data center is equipped with larger racks to accommodate the increasing demand for robust and extensive cabling, featuring SmartACCESS for enhanced security and control over access. Its power supply is fortified by two separate feeds, with the option to expand to four, safeguarded by 32 amp fuses and supplied in single phase, with three-phase power available upon request. The cooling system operates through low-speed ventilation, which is 30% more efficient than traditional methods, and the residual heat is innovatively used to warm local homes and offices. For security, d'ROOT is protected by BORG 4 level security, managed by Securitas, including 24/7 NOC and ISO 27001 certified access procedures with pass and biometric identification. The data center's future-proofing includes the use of sustainably generated hydrogen for power supply from 2022, marking a significant step towards energy efficiency and the phasing out of emergency diesel generators.

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Data Center Operator at
Bytesnet Groningen d'ROOT
De Bunders 1
Headquartered in Groningen, Netherlands