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New Taipei City (Banqiao)

Yuan-Jhen Information Co. Ltd
3F.,No. 326, Sec. 1, Sichuan Rd.
220 Banqiao
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Yuan-Jhen Information Co. Ltd

Private Cabinets
Partial Cabinets
Individual Servers
Remote Hands
Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud Servers

Reliable M&E Infrastructure
1. Electricity
Power doubly-fed from Taiwan Power Company
UPS 2N system and 15 minutes battery power backup
Power supply 380V/220V, and 110V on request
Two-color power tray with busway design

2. Generator Sets
N+1 generator sets : 1800kw * 4
Oil tanks: 24 hours, 48000 Liters
Supplier on tractor:6hrs priority on-site fueling
2N Exterior independent fueling sets

3. Cooling System
N+1 Chillers: 500 Cooling Tons * 2
Ice Water Pool: 7~15 minutes standby ice water for cooling capacity
Water Storage in Raft basement: 2000 Tons, 7 days supply
CRACs: N+2

Awards & Recognitions
TIBA (Taiwan Intelligent Building Association)
Uptime Tier III Certification
Diamond-Grade Green Building

New Taipei City (Banqiao) Pricing
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in New Taipei City (Banqiao), or other data centers in New Taipei City or by Yuan-Jhen Information Co. Ltd, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
Yuan-Jhen Information Co. Ltd

Yuan-Jhen Information Co. Ltd
Data Center Operator at
New Taipei City (Banqiao)
3F.,No. 326, Sec. 1, Sichuan Rd.
Headquartered in New Taipei, Taiwan ROC