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C/ Acer, 5-9
08038 Barcelona
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The Data Center has certified to ISO 27001, BS 7799, ISO 9000:2001, ISO 14001.
This center is equivalent Tier IV as specified by the Uptime Institute, the highest level of the market.

The CPD provides a redundant power system, from the main supply source to the customer's rack.
• Two medium voltage electrical connection (20 kV), from 2 different substations.
• Dual input transformer.
• Dual low-voltage wiring.
• Double UPS facility. (technology On line double conversion)
• Double power to customers from different side tables
• Two emergency generator, with power equivalent to the maximum power of the building
• Fuel tank of 100,000 L, ensuring 72 hours of operation at full load.
• Quick connection point of a generator outside
• System monitoring electricity consumption and temperature for each customer rack

The CPD provides a redundant environmental control system.
• Temperature and humidity controlled and stable.
• Redundant chillers
• Redundant Cooling Towers
• redundant air conditioners.
• Design of anti-flooding node.
• Redundant climate control

The data center has a system of automatic fire detection based on different types of detectors:
• Optical sensors
• Optical sensors in the false floor of the room node
• Aspiration, early detection, in the living node (VESDA)

The extinction is by FM200 gas, not electrically conductive. The triggering mechanism of the FM200 discharge is automatically activated by the fire detection system.

The Data Center has flood protection
• There are no water pipes on the ceiling.
• There are sewage disposal
• Moisture and flood Detection Systems under the raised floor.
• It provides evacuation pump.

The data center is designed to withstand earthquakes.

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C/ Acer, 5-9
Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain