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Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG)
Varsavska 24/A
821 09 Bratislava
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The newest and largest datacenter of Slovak Telekom - Telekom DataCenter offers state-of-art technology fullfilling all needed standards that will provide secure and reliable platform for customer’s systems.

- Bratislava, Varšavská 24/A, capital of Slovak republic, (80 km fromd Vienna/Austria, 200 km from Budapest/Hungary, 130 km from Brno/Czech republic, 330 km from Prague/Czech republic)
- Near to headquaters of all major headquaters of slovak companies and Slovak brach offices of international companies
- Outside 100-year flood zone
- Locality with low probability of seizmic activity
- DC area separated and secured by fence and controlled by 24x7 security personnel located in DC

- Detached building designed solely for the purposes of a data center
- Own property with controlled entry to the grounds and buildings protected by a fence
- Number of Floors: 1 underground floor + 4 floors
- Building construction:poured concrete skeleton
- Wheelchair transport route - external loading platform, doors dimensions 125/225cm
- Freight elevator with loading capacity 3000 kg
- Structurally separated part of IT Technology Hall - strict observance of zoning principle - all components of support technology (UPS, distributors, CRAC units, ...) outside IT rooms
- Service and office space - parking spaces, preparation room, meeting room, office space for administrators, handy store room safes etc.
- financed via own financial sources of Slovak Telekom without loans and application of building lien. Elimination of risk of change of DC owner/provider that can negatively affect quality of provided services

Electricity supply:
- Connected to grid from two independent lines of HV connection involved in the loop
- Transformers in redundacy n +1
- UPS in N+1redundancy, expandable to 2(N+1) without outage of DC, UPS capacity = 16 minutes in case of fully loaded DC
- Diesel generators in N+1 redundancy
- Total capacity of fuel for 48 hours operation in case of fully loaded DC refillable under operation
- Maintenance of fuel tank without interruption of back-up capability (2 separate fuel tanks, redundant fuel pumps)
- Fuel availability guaranteed also under special situation (e.g. gas crisis) due to the status of strategic company of Slovak republic
- Distributed solution of power distributors of DC, elimination of typical critical point in datacenters
- Both active paths of power supply A, B are designed for transfer of 100 % capacity also in case of major fault on one path
- Fully redundant power distribution paths traced in separated fire zones
- Power distribution via busbars
- Power distributors for each IT room are located outside IT room and in separated fire zone for path A and path B

- Hot and cold cooling system through the elevated floor
- Internal cooling units for the IT room in n +2 redundancy
- Chillers in N+1 redundancy, each chiller placed in separated fire zone with controlled access
- Redundant cooling distribution paths:
- circuit between chillers and cooling unit for IT rooms – tripled pipes
- circuit between chillers and dry cooler – doubled pipes
- Full redundancy of power feeding for active elements of cooling
- Green technology „free cooling“
- Preparation for the placement of water-cooled (high density) racks

IT halls:
- 1200 m2 divided over three floors
- Double floor height 100 cm
- 5A flooring category - maximum score of 5 kN load floor (730kg/m2)
- Headroom in IT rooms 300 cm
- Assistive technology components (UPS, electrosplitters, refrigeration units, etc. ) outside of - IT halls
- IT halls temperature conditions: 22 to 24 °C at a relative humidity of 40 to 60 %
- Energy efficiency - in the long run will achieve PUE 1.5

- Connection to virtual private network of Slovak Telekom (IP/MPLS, Metro Ethernet, SDH, xWDM, ...)
- Physical connection via two fully redundant optical paths entering into building through two separated entrances
- Datacenter is directly incorporated to backbone network of Slovak Telekom (actually 2x10 Gbps with unlimited options for expansion)
- Possibility to connect to other alternative providers (national or international)
- Fully redundant high speed connection to Internet (interconnection to 5 international providersand highest capacity of interconnection to national Internet).

Monitoring and security:
- Strict zoning principle:
- High physical security and protection of IT technology
- Avoidance of access of maintenance personnel to IT rooms
- Access of maintenance personnel only to technology that they are responsible for e.g. person responsible for cooling has access to cooling technology, UPStechnician to UPS unit and so on.
- Isolation of each redundant element of supporting technology to separated fire zone to minimalize damages and secure continuous DC operation also in case of fire
- Continuous central monitoring of operational and critical conditions of supporting technologies, detection of increased temperature
- Continuous monitoring of communication infrastructure
- Access control system, electric security system, CCTV monitoring system
- Early leak detection
- Highly sensitive fire detection laser smoke detectors
- Electronic fire alarm warning
- Extinguishing equipment (gas HFC-227ea, covering an area within 10 seconds without damage to IT technology or bystanders)
- 24 x 7 x 365 security guard

Services provided in DC:
- Housing of IT technology – rental of highly secure space with guaranteed power supply and cooling
- LAN services - interconnection of IT technology located in DC without necessity of installation and administration of own HW (router, switch)
- Security – complex protection of IT technology via Firewall, IDS/IPS, Antispam, Antivirus based on robust, fully redundant solution from Fortinet - market leader in unified threat management (UTM)
- „Remote access“ and „remote hands“ - secure remote access to IT technology or physical action of DC operator based on customer’s request
- DC relocation projects – complete coverage of relocation of IT technology, analysis, deinstallation/installation, testing, project management.
- Archivation and back-up and restoration services
- Consultancy, Analysis, Design in area of building or renewal of datacenters
- Oursourcing a outtasking projects
- Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity solutions
- System and infrastructure integration / consolidation / virtualisation

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Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - cooling pipes
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - dry coolers
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - batteries
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - IT room
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - exterior
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - diesel generator
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - exterior
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - chiller
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - distributors
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - internet connectivity
Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská - UPS units
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Slovak Telekom DC Bratislava
Company: Slovak Telekom
Slovak Telekom was acquired by Deutsche Telekom in 2015
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Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG)

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Deutsche Telekom Bratislava / TDC Varšavská
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