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Deutsche Telekom Jarosova

Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG)
Jarosova 1
830 08 Bratislava
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Currently Slovak Telekom disposes with Data Centres situated in Bratislava, Banská Bystrica (municipality of Tajov), Košice and Prešov (municipality of Bzenov). The best equipped ones and the most physically secured ones include DCs in Tajov and Bzenov. These are independent buildings (bunkers) built in the non-urban areas of municipalities resistant to any natural hazards as well as nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks. These DC are able to function independently during 6 days without having contact with external environment. Apart from continuous armed protection these DCs include also electronic fire signalling
(EFS), electronic alarm system (EAS) and camera system (CS). Extinguishing in these objects is designed in the way enabling extinguishing also during the technology run. Objects are energetically connected from three directions while also the data connectivity of these DCs is dealt with in a similar way. All supportive technologies (cooling, backup sources of voltage and motor generators) are at least doubled thus securing continuous operation of the housed ICT technology. It can be stated that these DCs are unique by their parameters within Slovakia.

The premises of DCs in Bratislava and Košice are situated in the existing building where T-Com has also other especially telecommunication technology located. These premises are equipped with everything for ensuring a continuous operation. Connection of DCs to energy network is tackled in two ways – together with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a doubled motor generator it secures an uninterrupted supply of electricity. The EFS, EAS as well as automated fire protection system are certainties in these premises. Since these are important buildings within the telecommunication infrastructure, we are able to cover practically any requirements for data connectivity. Apart from the current DCs, T-Com commenced intense preparations towards building a modern DC in Bratislava. This DC shall be built in the way so as to comply with all strict criteria imposed on modern DCs as well as with recommendations of international institutions and organisations dealing with the DC issue.

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Slovak Telekom DC Jarosova
Company: Slovak Telekom
Slovak Telekom was acquired by Deutsche Telekom in 2015
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Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG)

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Deutsche Telekom Jarosova
Jarosova 1
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