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IXcellerate Moscow Two Datacentre

IXcellerate. Data centers in Russia
Altufievskoe shosse 33B
127410 Moscow
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The 3300-square meter server rooms can collocate up to 1580 racks within one, undivided space. This is the largest data hall of its type in Russia. IXcellerate Moscow Two Datacentre is designed to host heavily loaded servers and high-density infrastructure. The project power capacity is 13.5MW, of which 7.5 MW are reserved for the useful IT load. The Uptime Institute has certified the new data center for compliance with the Tier III level in Design.

The construction of Moscow Two has seen the utilization of IXcellerate's optimal engineering practices, which have been tested during the construction and operations of Moscow One Datacentre. It includes innovative solutions by IXcellerate's long-time technology partner, Vertiv, a world leader in the design, creation and maintenance of critical infrastructure for data centers. Among them are:

. Single-volume data hall, which excludes dividing the space into sections - thus raising the space-rack efficiency with optimal use of the area;
. The unique automatic fire-suppression system HI-FOG®, using distilled water mist with the ability of localized fire extinguishing and smoke clearing ;
. Cooling system based on the Vertiv Liebert® PDX EconoPhaseT solution, providing high energy efficiency, redundancy and space-efficiency;
. Uninterrupted power supply system based on factory-ready container modules from VertivT. They include switchboard equipment along with all the necessary engineering subsystems, allowing for flexible power scaling as the data center develops;
. Lithium-ion batteries: compact and sturdy, with extended life, freeing up extra space for customer equipment;
. A single Computerized Management Maintenance System (CMMS), implemented with a unique database to increase redundancy of IXcellerate facilities;

The data center campus employs a unified telecommunication transit system: each data center has two autonomous connections to the cable duct system, and their own telecom room with carrier nodes connected to it. Both data centers are connected by optical backbones along two independent routes, ensuring that Moscow Two customers have the same access to any of the 50+ operators present at the Moscow One Datacentre.

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IXcellerate. Data centers in Russia
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IXcellerate Moscow Two Datacentre
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