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Business Svyaz Holding
Zoologicheskaya str, 2
123242 Moscow
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Company Data center is an operational center situated in Moscow (2, Zoologicheskaya street).

SDH, MPLS, IP and Ethernet equipment is placed in data center and data transmission channels are laid from the main city nodes. It’s possible to organize data transmission channels from other carriers.

We provide the customers with collocation services for telecommunication equipment and Web-servers.
We’ve created in our center all necessary conditions for effective usage of our collocation services:

* Uninterrupted power supply of second category with additional protection from UPS 500 kw for 30 minutes of off-line operation
* Data center premises is equipped with air-conditioning system
* Automatic firefighting system (automatic gas firefighting and fire alarm system)
* Presence of redundant transmission system from Data center to the nodes on ????-9, ???-10 with possibility to rent ?1 circuits (up to STM-1, chanellized from 1 to 64 E1 circuits, G.703 interface). It’s also possible to organize Ethernet channels
* Telephone sewerage: 6 pipes from MGTS pit to Data center premises
* MGTS telephone lines and copper pairs to PBX
* MGTS (or another carrier) – for modem connection and analogous telephone line of MGTS (or another carrier) , equipped with a telephone set
* Round-the-clock technical maintenance (round o-the-clock engineers shift able to carry out preliminary maintenance of installed equipment)
* Twenty-four-hours access of the customers company staff and persons with the same status at any time without advanced notification in accordance with the list given beforehand
* Round-the-clock security and access control + intrusion alarm system
* Data center area is 72?² with possibility to increase till 200?².

Availability of fiber optic lines and “dark fiber” from Data Center to ???-10 with possibility to rent them.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in BSH, or other data centers in Moscow or by Business Svyaz Holding, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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Business Svyaz Holding
Data Center Operator at
Zoologicheskaya str, 2
Headquartered in Moscow, Russia