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Compania de Informatica Aplicata
Fabricii 145A
400632 Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania
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On 1st of February 1969 the Regional Center for Electronic Calculus Cluj-Napoca was created. It's main activity was to analyze systems, design applications, train and teach professors the new domain of informatics, IT coordination and methodological guidance in the region for simillar companies.

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Nearest Data Centers
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3.57 kmScalisAlexandru Vaida Voievod #2
4.72 kmAdNet - DataCity Cluj NapocaStr. Otetului, Nr.5A, Cluj Napoca
192.61 kmGIGANETSzarvas u 1-3.
198.94 km20X.HOST - X HOST COMMUNICATION Middle street number 63
199.03 kmEUSDCTraian Grozavescu 9B
199.09 kmOrange Brasov 1Mihail Sadoveanu nr. 9
200.57 kmOrange Brasov 2Calea Bucuresti nr. 36
211.88 kmITPS_datacenterCalea Lugojului nr. 7

Compania de Informatica Aplicata
Data Center Operator at
Fabricii 145A
Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj