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Rua das Cardosas, Complexo Brisa, Maia
4425-510 Maia
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Porto Datacenter Overview

Physical Security

Physical access to the data centre is strictly controlled. Video surveillance systems are installed throughout the building. Anyone entering the building must be pre-authorised and identify themselves to the security desk. In addition, a biometric access control clearance is needed at multiple separate access points in order to reach the main Claranet server room.
[edit] Fire Suppresion

The data centre’s fire detection is provided by a GANT Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system that provides optical smoke and ionisation detectors located within rooms as well as overhead and under the floor. The system runs in a double knock configuration and fire suppression is achieved by an automated HFC-32 gas system that is harmless to all electronics. The automated system works in conjunction with the fire detection systems within defined zones.
[edit] Environmental Controls

The building includes an HVAC air conditioning system, to maintain an optimum operating environment for electronics. The N+1 system maintains a constant temperature of 21°C (± 5°C) and relative humidity of 30%-70%.
[edit] Data Centre Space

Claranet provides co-location space in the following increments

* Per U
* 1/3 Rack
* 1/2 Rack
* Full Rack


Each rack is an industry standard server rack with the following minimum specification.

* Height - 47U
* Depth - 900mm
* Width - 600mm
* Sides - Steel (key locked) and bayed (secured) to neighbouring racks
* Doors - Perforated meshed steel front and rear to assist cooling
* Load - Rated to 750Kg load
* Locks - Key locks for 1/3, 1/2 and full racks. Deliverable to clients except in shared racks.

The rack is setup by default with the correct spacing for common rail mount kits. The mounting angles can be adjusted to other depths if required. Each rack is built to a standard specification for the layout of power strips, cable management and patch panels within the rack.

Rack Power

Each rack contains 2 master power strips. The master power strips connect to the power feeds under the floor. The standard rack build out contains a minimum of 3 slave power strips. Each slave power strip has a minimum 16A rated power sockets. There is a maximum of 8 slave strips per rack providing up to 64power sockets for customer use. Each power strip is mounted horizontally and occupies 1 vertical units of space. Power strips remain the property of Claranet.

Each rack is serviced by dual redundant 16A or 32A rated single phase power feeds. The power feeds available are dependent on the facility data centre. Each feed is sourced from 2 different upstream Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with each one fed from either the A and B Un-interruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Each power feed to the rack is a single phase AC supply and is rated to either the 16A or 32A peak draw at 240V. The feeds have circuit breakers installed at the PDU. Current draw (continuous or spiked) exceeding the rated amperage will cause the circuit breaker to trip and the feed will shut down. Claranet recommends a maximum continuous current draw of no more than 24A on a 32A rated feed and no more 12A on a 16A rated feed in order to prevent current spikes tripping any of the breakers.

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