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Atman Data Center Warsaw-2

Atman sp. z o.o.
Konstruktorska 5
02-673 Warsaw
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Key features:
[x]Total size: 3,700 sq m (39,800 sq ft)
[x]Power supply: 16 MW (dual-feed)
[x]Transformers: 4 (total power: 6,400 kVA)
[x]In standard: 4 ´ 16 A / 230 V (2 from supply A + 2 from supply B) per rack. Other circuits possible on request
[x]Power density: up to 10 kW per cabinet. High density solutions upon request.
[x]UPS system (present): 4000 kVA static UPS
[x]Diesel gensets (present): 2 (total power: 4,400 kVA)
[x]Loading/unloading: loading bay and lifts
[x]Minimum floor to ceiling clearance:2,550 mm (8.4 ft)
[x]Maximum floor load: 1,500 kg/sq m (307 lb/sq ft)
[x]Minimum raised floor void: 700 mm (2.3 ft)

[x]Fire suppression system: Gas (Inergen) fire extinguishing systems
60-120-minute fire resistance.
[x]Air conditioning: CRACs with N+1 redundancy
[x]Capacity: 2 kW/sq m. High density solutions possible on request
[x]Temperature: 22´C (+/- 3´C)
[x]Relative humidity: 45% (+15% / -10%)
[x]Racks:Hot/cold aisle concept

[x]Carriers in DC: Atman, CenturyLink, Cogent, Colt Technology, GTT, UPC, Orange Business Services, Telcomedia, Citymedia/Starnet, Citystrada, DotCom,Emitel, e-Telco, Exatel, FiberTree, Inwep, ITSA,JMDI, Netia, Lukman, NASK, Netia, Orange, Polkomtel, RETN,Speedsoft, SPEC,Tel-nap, Tel-Team, TKPSA/3S, T-Systems, T-Mobile, UPC, Verizon, Virtua Operator

Fibers: Atman, BlueLeaf, CityStrada, DotCom, Emitel, eTop, Exatel, Inwep, ITSA, Lukman, NASK, Netia, Nitronet, Orange, Polkomtel, SPEC, SpeedSoft, Telco, Tele-B, Tel-Nap, Tel-Team, TK Telekom, T-Mobile, UPC, VirtuaOperator

Carriers in Atman Network: A1 Telekom Austria, Aero2, Atman, CenterNet, Effortel, Emitel, e-Telco, Exatel, GTS CE, Hawe, Hurricane Electric, Interoute, Level 3, Mediatel, MNI, NASK, Netia, NOM, NTT, ORANGE Business Services - Trading Solutions, P4, PERN, Petrotel, Pionier, RETN, RWE Stoen, Sferia, Tata Communications, TeliaSonera, Tiscali, TK Telekom, T-Mobile, UPC

Thinx Internet Exchange makes up the main node located in located in Atman DC Warsaw-2 along with the network of several access nodes in major Polish cities and several nodes abroad connected by the long-haul broadband links (from 1 to Nx10 Gbps). Thinx IX nodes are located in Frankfurt, Kiev, Moscow, Bialystok, Gdansk, Gliwice, Katowice, Krakow, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Szczecin, Warsaw and Wroclaw among others.

Atman Data Center Warsaw-2 Pricing
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Atman sp. z o.o.
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Atman Data Center Warsaw-2
Konstruktorska 5
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