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S-NET Warsaw

al. Jerozolimskie 65
00-697 Warsaw
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The S-NET Warsaw Data Center, situated in the iconic LIM building on Jerozolimskie Avenue, stands as a bastion of digital security and operational excellence.

This facility boasts round-the-clock surveillance, a sophisticated fire protection system, and stringent data confidentiality measures. It is equipped with a TIER III certified power supply, ensuring uninterrupted service, and features state-of-the-art cooling and inert gas extinguishing systems.

The central ODF enhances connectivity, while its proximity to a major international traffic exchange hub underscores its strategic importance.

Additionally, the data center offers an advanced UPS system and the flexibility to select preferred telecom operators, catering to diverse client needs.

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S-NET Warsaw
al. Jerozolimskie 65
Headquartered in Kraków, Poland