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TPnets DC
Piotrkowska 148/150
90-063 Lodz
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Bare Metal Servers is a polish ISP and network builder founded in 1999. We do maintain various systems and telecommunication services in the middle of Poland.

TPnets DC is our datacenter located in a heart of our network. It was thought mainly as a hosting place for individual servers and racks for the projects (including EU and municipal ones) which require:

- the highest availability,
- location in Lodz or outside of Warsaw (f.e. backup servers)
- safe, registerred access to the building,
- unlimited network resources.

To provide this level of service, TPnets DC is combined with local IX, we maintain. The IX itself in a part of the countrywide K-IX project and connected to all national IXs' in Poland.

The location is important! TPnets DC is located in the main and most important telecommunication point in Lodz, the second large city in Poland. The building RedTower ( is a local equivalent to LIM in Warsaw. There you can find a direct connection to the most of ISP's and datacenters operating in Lodz. The rest local telecomunication and DC resources can be accessed by our own backbone fiber network. Moreover we do provide 10Gb/s transit to Warsaw - thus all the network and DC resources locted in LIM and Orco towers are aviable as well.

City of Lodz is a well comminicated point in Poland. There you can access by highways A1 and A2 which cross north of the city. We have growing number of office space and specialised IT branches. Our network connects most of these local facilities and our dataceter protects the space for safe servers' hosting.

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TPnets DC
Piotrkowska 148/150
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