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220 Queen Street
1010 Auckland
New Zealand
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Our data centre is located underground below Queen Street for security and temperature stability, yet easy access by proximity card.

The card reader is mounted behind the glass and the door and wall have no markings on them to indicate that the facility lies behind them.

To reach the data centre after hours you have to enter the building on the ground floor entrance using your card. You then activate the lift with your card and go to the basement. Finally you swipe your card past the hidden card reader to gain access to the data centre. Each action is captured on CCTV.


Connectivity in the centre is exceptional. For very high capacity bandwidth connections you can plug directly into the high speed fibre belonging to Vector Communications (formerly United Networks), CityLink, Telecom or TelstraCLEAR all of which are available in the data centre.

Carrier Neutral

Because all fibre carriers are represented in the data centre we don't care whom you use to connect to your chosen ISP. We consider ourselves environment managers and have no interest in whom you connect to.

We don't mind what you do in your rack, provided it is legal and doesn't interfere with other customers.


You can access your rack in the data centre at any time without charge 24 x 7. As you do so, your actions are recorded on our 16 CCTV cameras.

Individually Locked Racks

Each rack has its own set of individual keys, giving you security from tampering by other data centre users.


This data centre is the creation of Dr. Martin Spencer, whose company Martin Spencer & Associates (MSA) was one of the pioneering software companies in New Zealand. In the early days of software development we wrote programs which we sold around the world. By the time MSA was sold it had customers in 55 countries including 60 of the Fortune 500 companies.

As a result Martin has encouraged technology and communications companies to locate in a central Auckland building, which he has renamed The Data Centre. The result has been a facility with extraordinary access to high speed data and telephony communications.

As the data centre grows it is fulfilling its aim to become a well managed, technically competent, yet reasonably priced facility.


To offer good data, power, cooling and physical security at a fair price.

Security Statement

Our facility is physically located below ground, shielding us from direct exposure to outside elements. We have extended our facilities to floor 2 of our 10 story building. This provides additional racks to help meet demand.

Our cabinets are housed in a highly secure data centre with environmental security and reliable power and data connections. Physical access is limited to authorised personnel. A CCTV system covers all entrances/exits and main areas, with 24-hour video recording, security card access system and cabinets with individual locks.

Temperature and humidity are managed by redundant air conditioning systems to ensure stable temperature and humidity.

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