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VTEL Jordan Data Center

VTEL Jordan
Arar BLD number 244
P.O BOX 2833 Amman 11181 Amman
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VTEL Jordan datacenter is divided into four parts (NMC room) (Data Center Room ) (Power Room) (Migration Room)

The Data Center is equipped with two UPS system brand of Liebert Emerson network power NXa.

The Data Center is equipped with one FDC cabinet with two input breakers each breaker is connected to different UPS system (Source A, Source B), this cabinet will be used to provide power to all the cabinets using two different paths (source A, source B).

The Data Center is equipped with two computer type precision air conditioning unit, HPM type of Liebert Emerson network power.

The Data Center is equipped with two DC system NetSure type brand of Emerson network power.

The Data Center is equipped with Fire Alarm and Fire extinguishing system using FM200 gas type brand of KIDDLE.

The Data Center is equipped with a standby diesel generator 3P 400 KVA type brand of CATERPILLER Model GEP400-1, the generator is connected to a dual ATS cabinet and is configured automatically to take over all the load in case the main power is down.

The type brand of the Access floor being used in the Data Center is MERO type-5 Wood material with steal covering, 35mm thickness high of 400mm.

The Data Center is equipped with lighting & Emergency lighting kits.

The Data Center is equipped with Non-UPS powered power outlets under the raised floor for general appliance use.

The Data Center is equipped with a separate earthing system totally separated from the building earthing system.

The power cables are totally separated from the network cables (power cables installed under the raised floor, network cables on basket trays above the cabinet).

A special steal structure is designed and installed on the top of the roof building to host the generators and a shelter room and this shelter room is designed to host the batteries of the UPS and DC systems

24x7x364 NMC monitoring and helpdesk

Located on protected Domestic and international Fiber Rings connectivity .

VTEL Jordan data Center hosts an MPLS and Access nodes for international carriers to extend international connectivity to Jordan through VTEL Jordan fiber Network.

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VTEL Jordan
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VTEL Jordan Data Center
Arar BLD number 244
Headquartered in Amman, Jordan