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3 Al Madaen Street, Masrouji Building
1st floor
0001 Ramallah
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Lower cost: why worry about buying new high end servers, or electricity cost or even allocating a special room for
Data Center; Zone new state of the art Data Center Solution provides all what you need with a low cost monthly fee without having to invest capital cost for setting up or managing your Data Center.

Better maintenance: ZONE Data Center services are based on the latest Computing methodologies, with virtualization that will allow management and maintenance of your equipment faster and with less down time. Zone highly specialized technical staff relief your worries of managing and maintaining these equipment around the clock.

Enhanced reliability: Zone invested heavily in high end server based infrastructure with High Availability and full
redundancy guaranteeing better uptime ratios and backup services for your data utilizing the most advanced Data Storage Servers in the market with high speed caching and Mirroring.

High speed connectivity: for applications that require access to multiple branches or locations or need access to remote users, Zone Data Center Solutions provide you with high speed access to your applications locally and Worldwide without the cost of leased lines and other high speed connectivity

Security of your data: Zone Data Center Solutions are built with the highest security measures. Full Virtual Private
network (Island) is created to allow access only to the authorized users. Other security measures include encryption
and restricted access.

Specialized Hosting Functions:
- Managed mail exchange
- Hosted mail exchange
- Routers and Firewalls
- Active directory Services
- Web and portals
- Remote / virtual Desktop
- CRM, ERP and Financial software
- Full Data center Solution.

Zone will provide you with a full Plan and estimate on the total savings for your organization. And will work with you until a full
transformation is done with Zero Downtime assuring continuity of your business functions.

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If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Zone Ramallah, or other data centers in Ramallah or by Zone Technologies Ltd, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.

Zone Technologies Ltd
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Zone Ramallah
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