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Companies deal on datacenters to host mission critical business applications.
To the same datacenter is required furnishing an high scalable and flexible support to the growing performance requests needed by business applications. Both in terms of computing power that in term of Internet bandwidth needed.
Connectivity choice, requires necessarily redundant optical fiber connectivity. Indeed, in this way, it's possible to upgrade to several Gbps bandwidth. With the high affidability that only optical fiber can assure.
Obviously, it all has to be conceived from a continuity, reliability and high availability perspective. So, subsystems as power supply and cooling are no more enough.
One of the most recent and significant innovation in data center architecture, regards just integration and optimization of power supply and cooling subsystems, performed by an intelligent management component.
And just management subsystem, assuring a perfect integration between critical components, can turn them into interacting, intercomunicating and cooperating units.
So, because of optimization working on each subsystems, it's possible lower significantly power consumption: up to 40%. In this way, the Green Data Center is born.

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Real Comm srl
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Real Comm
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