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Cyres Datacenter

9 rue de Suede
37100 Tours
Region Centre, France
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Tier III Green Datacenter conception

Its Tier III conception brings you the best availability warranties with an electric network fully redundant, a 10GB network heart with several optical fiber taking independents paths (ways).

Cyres datacenter: an overall approach to your needs.
. A datacenter 1h far from Paris integrating the last (technological) innovations for your data safety.
. A safe connection between your website and the datacenter.
. Operator free choice
. Advanced and accurate contractual commitments (SLA) on a large range of services.

Infrastructure facilities guaranteeing the security of your data.
. Rack 600 x 1200 | 42U | closing with code.
. Power density choice : from 10A to 32A.
. Upgrade without power cut (interruption/blackout) in case of increasing energy consumption.
. Private connection between your institutions and the datacenter to 10Gb/s depending on eligibility.
. Air conditioning and backup UPS N+N.
. Monitoring 24/7/365.
. Secure access by badge 24/7/365.

Our 1/2 Rack 10A hosting offer:
. Space: 20U 600x1200
. Plugs: 2x8 plugs
. Electric Power: 2,3kVA / 10A
. Circuit breaker: 2x10A
. Bandwidth: 5Mbs
. Internet plugin: 10Gbs
. SLA: 99.9%

Our 1 Rack 16A hosting offer:
. Space: 42U 600x1200
. Plugs: 2x16 plugs
. Electric Power: 3,8kVA / 16A
. Circuit breaker: 2x16A
. Bandwidth: 10Mbs
. Internet plugin: 10Gbs
. SLA: 99.9%

Local services:
Our 15 years experience engineers are available on the onsite by email and by phone to take a close look at (investigate) your operational problems.

Local actions (gestures nearby):
. Computer equipments physical restart
. Indicators checking (warning lights) or messages on screen
. Verification and modification of electrical cables (wiring) or network
. Changing parts on your equipment

Support level 2:
Cyres also provides level 2 support services and IT outsourcing, such as:
. Management and storage of backup tape in safe.
. Commissioning of customer equipment.
. Supervision of your network services and management of technical progress.
. Availability of system or network engineer.

Back up site and DRP:
Under Disaster Recovery Plan, Cyres Datacenter offers the provision of equipped offices to receive part of your teams.

Our services:
. Your architecture is duplicated on 1 or 2 other remote sites that run in active / active or active / passive.
. We manage the replication of your data to ensure business continuity.
. We offer 24/7 multi-site outsourcing solutions with contractual SLA.
. Load up tests that validate the robustness of the infrastructure according to different scenarios.

Pricing & Services
If you are looking for colocation, cloud, connectivity or other services in Cyres Datacenter, other data centers in Tours or operated by CYRES GROUPE, please try our free quote service or reach out for a free consultation about your data center needs.
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