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Castle IT
1-3 rue des Pies Grieches
37270 Larcay
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Our Data Center is located at Lar´ay 9km (5.5 miles) away from Tours. It has a surface of 1300m2 (14´000´sq. ft.) with an infrastructure totally functional, with a conception TIER 3+

We can accommodate more than 300 bays, confined in cold corridors with a double electric adduction. This one is secured and allows it to go over than 7KVA by adduction.

All bays are at size 19´ 47U 600x1000 and are equipped with front locking and back locking by individual code. Our bay is the highest quality and study to facilitate the exploitation.

In addition, to provision of our bay and for your comfort, we propose additional guaranteed services like local monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, receipt and storage of your delivery, we provide a lot of accessories, the access of courtesy, secure individual lockers...

The security of a quality electric infrastructure is one of our highest priorities in the conception of our Data Center.
This is why Castle IT prefers the choice to make two electric chains (redundant in 2N), to protect this one thanks to uninterruptible power supply and to secure the no electricity supply by good generators, for a minimal autonomy of 48 hours at full load with the possibility to fill vat hot.

Each air conditioner works in perfect independence and allows us to propose a cooling system back up in N+1.
Our air-conditioning has high precision and allows the perfect support of the temperature and hydrometry to our IT rooms.
The urbanization to our IT rooms in a cold corridor allows to optimize the air conditioning of your bay and server.

The security of Data Center is a pillar on which we bring the best service possible. All the site (access controls, intrusion alarms, technical alarms, cameras, fire detection, fire extinction...) is surveyed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week thanks to our management system innovative. This system is centralized, supervised and secured.
A pair of optical scanner insures the security of all access: swipe card and Biovein. This biometric solution allows guarding against all identity theft.
The intrusion alarms and security cameras allow watching each person on the site (inside and outside of the property) in order to guard against of all malicious acts.
The fire detection is equipped of lasers sensor high precision. Thanks to their good air analysis, they detect the fire from the start.
The fire extinction is insured by water’s fog high precision. In case of fire, this innovative system control and remove the fire with a little of water, and insure the integrity of IT machines.

Our ´ Virtual Data Center ´ (VDC) allow to you to find our virtual machines inside of our network configurable (level 3). This feature insures the safety to all of your network. Our tools of orchestration bring to you simplicity and flexibility of utilisation. No need to be an expert in safety to get a secure system.

Virtualization and commercialization of virtual machines brings to you flexibility in the evolution and reliability of your infrastructure.
The virtual machines are redundant by replication, synchronous and the storage is realized due to a SSD stamp high performance (SAN in tiering SSD).
In addition to this duplication, we apply redundancy customize by snapshots, which allows it to reproduce the virtual machines until 7 anterior states

We provide a dedicated server assortment in the form of monthly subscription. You don’t have anymore to worry about supply and investment. Equipment will not be a problem for you, because it belongs to our field of expertise. Contact us regarding the server that you need, as this one will provide the fastest possible in your Virtual Data Center.

MPLS NETWORK VPN MPLS is a network solution for the company. This allows them to assure the interconnection so that it is secure and simplified to their entire geographic site, and also to their Cloud service.
This solution also proposes to assure the mobile user connection of the company thanks to the VPN Nomade technology, which is reliable and secure by SSL. For VPN Nomades, the information is circulated inside web to MPLS network way totally secure by a SSL encryption last generation.

In the framework of our quality procedure, secure and in order to assure high dependable service, we offer the service to our clients, to manage their SDSL affiliation and fiber optic.

Castle IT
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Castle IT
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Castle IT
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