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Cogent Paris 2

Cogent Communications, Inc.
16 rue Grange Damerose
78140 Vélizy Villacoublay
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Private Cabinets
Partial Cabinets
Remote Hands
Bare Metal Servers

On-Net Products
- IP Transit
- Ethernet Transport Services
- Utility Computing

Standard Rack Configuration
- Height: 42 U, Size: 600 x 1000 mm
- Power: 1x6amp, 1x10amp, 1x16amp, circuit (AC/230V) OR 1x32 Amp circuit (DC/48V)

Carrier Availability
- SFR (optical services only) & Orange

- 200 m² (1876 sqft) of raised floor colocation space

- 24x7 access control (card access + NOC intercom)
- Main entrance and colo room camera in use with recording and 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities to the Cogent NOC

- HIROSS HVAC units, 2 x 40kW and 2 x 20kW

Generator Systems
- AUSONIA Diesel Generator
- 600 liters diesel tank
- Automatic Transfer Switch

UPS Systems
- AC/230V: 3 x BENNING UPS modules @ 2.5 kVA each
- AC/230V: 6 x BENNING UPS modules @ 20kVA
- AC/230V: 1 x GE UPS modules @ 30kVA
- DC/48V: 6 x BENNING DC modules @ 10.8 kVA each

Battery Room
- DC/48V: 2 string of batteries
- 4 hr. back-up

- Fire Detection and Suppression consists of above and below floor smoke heads, FM 200 tanks, Siemens/Cerberus Early Warning and Detection System, and a preaction dry system

Cogent Paris 2 Pricing
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Cogent Communications, Inc.
Data Center Operator at
Cogent Paris 2
16 rue Grange Damerose
Headquartered in Washington DC, District of Columbia