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Bare Metal Servers
Public Cloud
Managed Services

True Tier 2 OC48 connectivity allows for optimal speed and efficiency.
Full 100 Mbps Colocation Plans. Contact us for pricing.
Intelligent routing ensures that your site will stay up, even if a major network were to go offline.
-Service reboots in hours instead of days.
-Human Customer Service available 24 hours a day with support teams ready to handle issues immediately.
-Emergency Power Supply Generators that are designed to supply power for as long as they are needed.
-Safe and Secure fully monitored data facility that is manned 24 hours a day. Dry pipe fire protection and smoke detectors installed in the facility.
-Cage/ Suite Design/ Build Services - offering power density to suit your needs
-Rack & Stack Services - managing equipment installs from start to finish
-Structured Wiring Services - custom cabling & fiber terminations
-Visitor Escort Services - 24 hour security services
-Procurement: Caging, Cabinets, Racks, PDUs, Cameras, Card Access
-Onsite 24/7/365 Remote Hands Services - reboots, tape swaps, troubleshooting & repairs
-Environmental & Video Monitoring - advanced facility monitoring
-Custom Services
-Shipping & Receiving Services
-Asset Tracking & Reporting Services
-Audit Support Services
-Move/ Add/ Change Services
-Circuit Acceptance Testing
-Data Center Design and Move Services
-Server Troubleshooting & Repair, Warranty Replacement Part Ordering Services
-Custom Reporting Services, Ticketing, Access, Environmental, Video Recording Playback, -Package (shipping & Receiving) Logs

At Granite Block we know what support means. We have been in the IT business long enough to know that a support call is not the time one of our customers feels like fiddling with long phone button menus or waiting for someone to maybe answer their voice mail sometime in the near future. In most cases we have a live person direct you to the proper department and in all cases, we will be get back to you for a service request within an hour. If you have an emergency situation we have a 24 hour hotline for immediate service. We know your business depends on communication and we honor customer service as an important link to success for both of us.

Markets (1)
- VMware
OS Support
- Windows
- Linux
- Custom Image
Cloud Platform
- VMware vCloud
Public Cloud Features
- High Availability
- Integrated Firewall
- Integrated Load Balancer
- Integrated Backup
- Management available
- SAS70: Type 1 Certified