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CapitaLand Zhuanqiao 01 Data Centre

CapitaLand Digital Holdings Pte Ltd
1188 Xinyuan Road
201100 Shanghai
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Situated in the Minhang District, near the central core of Shanghai, our expansive Data Centre is strategically positioned for optimal connectivity, accessible via an extensive network of public transportation and highways. The facility encompasses four meticulously constructed buildings, covering a gross floor area of approximately 75,279 square meters. With an IT power supply capacity of 55 megawatts, it is designed to support up to 100,000 servers.

In alignment with CapitaLand's 2030 sustainability master plan, our Data Centre is committed to sustainable design practices and adheres to green building standards. This includes the implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction initiatives such as intelligent energy management systems, free cooling technologies, and energy-efficient chillers.

The Data Centre caters to a diverse range of customer segments, including Chinese telecom operators, CMCC operators, fintech companies, internet service providers, and cloud service providers, offering them a reliable and sustainable digital infrastructure platform.

Zhuanqiao 01
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CapitaLand Digital Holdings Pte Ltd
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CapitaLand Zhuanqiao 01 Data Centre
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